Saturday, May 8, 2010

sounds gravis beach club in second life

Beach clubs are heating up again in Second Life. As the sun shines, the party people come out to dance on the beach, decks and outdoors everywhere!

sound gravis beach club

The latest offering is from Sounds Gravis Beach club. Soon they will be revealing their new location and opening party.

sound gravis beach - Live1
Kudos to SGB Director, Cesare Drucker, Manager, Anabella Wrigglesworth and the rest of his staff for bringing a top notch outdoor club for our summer enjoyment! Woot!

qwark allen psy dj at club experience

Lazy Saturday morning with fresh strawberries and blueberries made my day come alive! I wanted to keep the sweet feeling for the grid today.

club experience in second life

club experience party in second life

DJ Qwark Allen, psy dj at Club Experience was spinning a trance set. As Manager, Eilis Pessao greeted us with a friendly smile, we fell into a nice dance together.

raftwet, xavier at club experience

raftwet, xavier at dj qwark allen

Chatting with old friends, dancing at an old fav club and listening to the gentleman dj, Qwark Allen... what a nice Saturday! Woot!