Tuesday, October 27, 2009

dj rockridge constantine at jakes club resort

It's becoming a habit with us... Tuesday nights with Syriana Paine. But, tonight Syri wasn't feeling well, so Rocky stepped in to do the honors.

jakes club resort party in sec...

party at jakes club resort

Rockridge Constantine kept the promise from last week to do a total Madonna set tonight at Jakes Club Resort. Woot!

jakes club resort : baz ceawli...

baz ceawlin at jakes club reso...

Baz Ceawlin sent out a shout so off we went. I saw Vixie Durant from Ministry of Motion there dancing along with everyone.

vixie durant at jakes club res...

For a Tuesday night, the party seems non-stop... and that's a good thing!

rafee, xavier at jakes club re...

raftwet, xavier at jakes club ...

the citybar in second life

the citybar in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

jazz, rhythm, blues, soul at t...

the citybar in second life

the citybar cocktail hour

Chill... The CityBar is the definition of chill. Soulful jazz, rhythm and blues came from the deft hands of Marjorie Dibou.

the citybar virtual world seco...

Nisa Constantine sent out a shout in The A List! tonight for this new club. The CityBar is like one of your favorite city bars that you frequent with a date or good friends. Very welcoming vibe there... and great music.

dj nisa constantine at citybar

nisa constantine : miss costa ...

Tonight they were pumping an artist named Karen Bernod and her new single "Evolution." Outside the front door, you can click and upload the CD.

raftwet, xavier at the citybar

Several artists were featured who were nominated for the Soul Train awards next week. For those of you who need a great spot for a date night... this is it. Woot!

halloween at club illusion

halloween at club illusion, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

halloween at illusion

club illusion halloween

Blood dripping from body bags and onto the pumpkins below... the beheaded corpse laying dead... it's HALLOWEEN!

dj angelz braveheart

angelz braveheart at illusion

Illusion club had the decorations out en force for dj Angelz Braveheart party tonight.

dj angelz braveheart party at ...

nieke allen, owner of illusion

nieke allen at illusion

Thanks to Nieke Allen for her shouts... keeps us coming back! LOL! The ghouls are coming this week! Start morphing!

party at club illusion

raftwet, xavier at illusion pa...

rafee, xavier at illusion part...