Monday, September 27, 2010

MachinimUWA II : Art of the Artists

UWA - The University of Western Australia

45 entries from around the world were received for the MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists challenge which asked machinimatographers to capture and honour the artworks in the UWA 3D Art and Design Challenge. Winners of this challenge will be announced together with the winners of the Grand Finale of the UWA 3D Art and Design Challenge from 6am slt, Sunday 10th October at the 4-SIM, 200 seater UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre. ALL entries are linked below, and on the website provided. Do take part in the AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION EVENT described below, where YOU can share in a L$5,000 prize.

Date and Time: 6am SLT, Sunday, 10th October 2010
Location: UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre (200 Seater) 􀀂
Guest Speaker of Honour: Lumiere Noir (creator of the legendary Ivory Tower Library of Primitives)
Star Performer: Mommaluv Skytower

Deadline Midnight SLT 7th October
L$5,000 has been set aside for SL residents and viewers who take part in a special participation event. We are asking all the residents of SL to give us your TOP 8 machinima, in order of your preference.

The 3 residents whose order comes closest to the final order decided by the judging panel (see end of NC for names of panel members), will win for themselves L$2,500, L$1,500 & L$1,000 respectively. The winner will be invited to be on the panel for MachinimUWA III.

Method of entry - List your top 8 in order of preference on a NC, and send to White Lebed and/or Jayjay Zifanwe. Please title the NC - MachinimUWA Audience Selection (your name)


LASLOPANTOMIK YAO (Barcelona, Spain) - City of Art & City of Art II

PIA KLAAR (Brewster, Massachusetts, USA) - Art of the Artists: A Closer Look

ED VESPUCCIANO (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) - Lessons in Democracy

BRADLEY DORCHESTER (Perth, Australia) - Art of the Artists

LAURINA HAWKS (Ulm, Germany) - UWA Art of the Artists : No Tomb for the Arts

GLASZ DE CUIR (San Sebastian, Spain) - MachinimUWA II: Art Theft done in Second Life (High Definition Version)

YESIKITA COPPOLA (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) - Inspiracion

L1AURA LOIRE (Boston, USA) - CLICK, Immersive & Interactive Virtual Art

TUTSY NAVARATHNA (Frenchman in Pondicherry, India) - An Art Form is Born & Gladiator

LARKWORTHY ANTFARM (Tacoma, Washington, USA) - Freedom

ARCHIVIST LLEWELLYN (Lima, Ohio, USA) - Biological R/Evolutions

FUSCHIA NIGHTFIRE (Poole, Dorset, UK) - Adventures of a Cyborg Part II & Moonlit Heath

SPYVSPY AEON (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) - I Am Not A Robot

BRYN OH (Toronto, Canada) - Art of the Artists

MEGAN MERLIN (Bavaria, Germany) - Wichtels Fantasy Fly

RYSAN FALL (Enfield,Connecticut, USA) - MachinimUWA, Art of the Artist

SUZY YUE (Sunnyvale, California, USA) - Across A Crowded Room

MISSY RESTLESS (Santa Cruz, California, USA) - Yearning for the Sea & Quantum Matrix

FAKE JEWELL (Cheshire, United Kingdom) - Song of Medusa

PENUMBRA CARTER (Rural Midwest, USA) - University of Western Australia

AIDAN WITRIAL (Munich, Germany) - MachinimUWA II : Art of the Artists & Shibas Dream

APMEL GOOSSON (Stockholm, Sweden) - ROBOT - The Visit

CHANTAL HARVEY (Maastricht, Holland) - Arts of Both Worlds

NICOLEX MOONWALL (New Orleans, USA) - Silken Vortex, Frames, Balloons, Holophrasis, Kunst Der Fugue & two additional tributes to Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

KAFKA MOODY (New York, USA) - Aphrodite Visits

EIFACHFILM VARCIRCA (Zurich, Switzerland) - The Abyss, Natural Energy, The Sandman & The Deep

MINDBLIND SETSUKO (Bologna, Italy) - Escape from the Art Gallery

ROHAN FERMI  (Stuttgart, Germany) - Order in Chaos

HYPATIA PICKENS (Rochester, New York, USA) - Hyperreal

ABDULLAH YAZIMOTO (France) - Untitled (September the 18th 1984)

FRIDAY SIAMENDES (Calabasas,  California, USA) - Virtual Vaccuum

THEME OF MACHINIMUWA II - Art of the Artists: Create something that will take our breath away

Create a Machinima of between 2 and 5 minutes in length (recommendations only - is not a criteria) that features some of the winning artworks from the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge. There are more than 35 artworks spread across 4 floors, and you can choose to film  as many (or as few) as you like. You can view the artworks at the following location and vote for your favourite artworks & building designs.

 1. Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
2.  Dr Carmen Fies (RL) - Second Life Lead: University of Texas San Antonio
3. quadrapop Lane (SL) - Curator of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
4. White Lebed (SL) - Lead of Burning Life Art Department, Curator
5. Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art& Design Challenge
6. Iono Allen (SL) - Official Machinimatographer of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
7. Cisko Vandeverre (SL) - Reigning UWA MachinimUWA Champion
8. Dr Kim Flintoff (RL) - Lecturer, Instructional Design, Centre for eLearning, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
9.  LividEye Yoshikawa (SL) / John Yap (RL) - Senior Media Producer, National University of Singapore
10. Michelle Glaser (RL) - Senior Project Officer, Department of Culture and Arts, Government of Western Australia
11. Ian Booth (RL) - Chief Executive Officer, Screen West, Western Australia
12. Raphaella Nightfire (SL) - Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery (SL)

PRIZE POOL: L$200,000
1st Prize $L70,000
2nd Prize $L50,000
3rd Prize $L30,000
5 Honourable Menton prizes @ L$10,000

 With thanks to LaPiscean Liberty, Taralyn Gravois, quadrapop Lane and Bohemian Ghost

Submitted by JayJay Zifanwe of UWA - University of Western Australia for THE A LIST! blog.
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