Monday, January 25, 2010

More Weekend Party

Oh, we love to party, party, party! This past weekend was a blur of clubs, venues, shopping and exploring. The pictures that I am taking are now being made into little video slide shows. I am having so much fun making them and featuring THE A LIST! members and their interests.

Both Xavier and I (Rafee) now have youtube channels where we will share our video uploads and playlists. You can see we both have very different tastes in music, but we both love all music and respect each other's favorites.

I needed a new creative outlet and this is one that is so much fun to do. I haven't abandoned picture taking, but now I have another way to present them. And, please remember... I am still learning! Woot!

Thanks to the following clubs and venues:
Dance Island
Rumours Club
Gol 8
Sleek Beach
The Hollow
Chocolat (need LM)