Sunday, August 30, 2009

erin68 and satin : cocoa beach music mansion

The week has been a whirlwind of activities in the virtual world of Second Life. The grid is alive with events and parties after a long summer of holidays.

ballroom at cocoa beach music ...

We went to Cocoa Beach Music Mansion to just relax in the beautiful ballroom and listen to live singers, Satin Galli and Erin68 Frog.

cocoa beach music mansion ball...

With a nod to country, jazz and vocals, the duo sang romantic songs to a full sim of avis dressed in their finest ballroom attire.

cocoa beach music mansion

Beautiful gowns twirled on the dark red carpet while the singers sang. Such a great way to spend a Sunday evening in the arms of my angel.

entertainment at cocoa beach m...

live music at cocoa beach musi...

teknival psytrance stage : aug 2009

Teknival is a major music festival in the real world and in virtual world of Second Life. Barbs Kurka, a psytrance dj has asked The A List! blog to post a thank you to all the dj's that did their turn at the spins at the psytrance stage.

August 28, 2009 / friday


Zeitgeist Belgar

Raccoon Karura

djMaster Lemon

Freddi Darwin

Healer Ladybird

Shad Raffke

Reiko Yoshikawa

August 29, 2009 / saturday


Manda Vuckovic

Chilli Cao

Elrik Voom

Roopert Huldchinsky

Pan Tripsa

djbluex23 Arctor

Barbs Kurka

leean Wirefly

Vampi Zapatero

bencreed Rebane

Thank you Barbs Kurka for your photos and list of dj's!


Ballet Pixelle : "Living Goddess" : last show Today! 5pm slt : IBM 10

Ballet Pixelle : "Living Goddess" : last show Today! 5pm slt : IBM 10, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

TODAY! aug 30 / sun
5:00 pm slt
IBM 10 (14, 179, 24)




A new original ballet

Before there was Second Life, there were avatars...

This is a ballet based on the real story of the "Living Goddess", or Kumari Devi, who is worshipped in Nepal. Chosen as a child, she becomes a living goddess. What does this mean? Through ritual and tradition, she provides hope, peace, and serenity to her troubled people. What does it mean to all of our living gods and goddesses, our heroes and icons, our prophets and stars across the lands? All who flower, are idolized, and grow old or die replaced by a new one in a forever progression. What does it mean to be a living goddess? Join us as we honor Kumari, journey to the mystical mountains to see the battle of the gods, and participate in the joyous progression of the new living goddess. Choreography by Inarra Saarinen, music by Solary Clary.

Sunday, August 30, at 5:00pm SL

Ballet Pixelle Theatre, IBM 10 (14,179,24)

Audience Comment:

["Living Goddess"] very much captures the emotion, which was unexpected and enjoyable; I am stunned in fact. I was unsure of how such a thing would work in SL. Well I had heard of ballets going on here; however admittedly had felt they would lack the authenticity. It's just such a lovely thing to enjoy with friends and wonderful to be able to experience in the comfort of your own home. You are doing an amazing job; its really beautiful and it really has the feeling of attending soemthing special. I'm sure it means so much to those who are lucky enough to find you.

Thank you Inarra Saarinen, Artistic Director of Ballet Pixelle for this post!