Friday, June 25, 2010

dance4life new york city

dance4life new york city, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dance4life signage at club

A watery slice of river flows through Dance4Life's dance floor! I just had to dance on top of it.

dance floor at dance 4 life

As the ripples of water shimmered below me, I danced to dj SovereignDVX Radio. A nice set and relaxing.

party in second life

Fun times are here! Summer... SUMMER!

xavier, raftwet at dance4life party

Dance4Life :

sol house music lounge 2010

sol house music lounge 2010, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj silas gabardini party at sol house music lounge

H * O * U * S * E

sol house music lounge

That's house music playing from the dj booth at Sol House Music Lounge. DJ Silas Gabardini is spinning a sophisticated, jazzy set... very chill.

xavier, raftwet and bobbie in second life

Bobbie Naidoo sent out a shout for the party. I am glad I hit that tp...

xavier, raftwet and bobbie at sol house music lounge

Niceeeeee! Woot!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

organica at happy clam island

organica at happy clam island, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

organica party in second life

The party never ends on the Second Life grid. After the electro sets, we were ready for the goa and psy at Organica!

dj qee nishi at organica

DJ Qee Nishi spinning the ethereal notes of psy... swirling sounds finding my ears. The visuals were beautiful above the dj booth, but alas, my viewer lagged and most of the scene was gray goo.

psy at happy clam island

Hmm... time for a new computer perhaps? or video card? or or or? Who knows... LOL! At the least the music was clear, strong and definitely psy! Woot!

Friday, June 18, 2010

ddirty adamczyk at fusion club

ddirty adamczyk at fusion club, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

DDirty Adamczyk in second life

Let me work it... woot! DJ DDirty Adamczyk is hitting it hard spinning a party set for the grand opening of FUSION Club.

fusion club grand opening

The place is crazy packed with everyone in shades of Second Life gray goo. LOL! Approximately 50 avatars dancing their arse off to the hot, hot tunes by DDirty.

fusion club in second life

Party on people... life is too short for chess! Wheeeeeeee

Update!!! from DJ DDirty Adamczyk himself:
[22:21]  DDirty Adamczyk shouts: <--- go here to see DJ DDIRTY MIXING LIVE HERE AT FUSION!!!

DDirty Adamcyzk Live Show on now!

sao tokyoska at sleek beach club

Let's see the Lakers won the series, the sun is hot, and everyone is out of school this next week! Time to hit the beach and rivers! Club time puppies... beach scene.

dj sao tokyoska party at sleek

I am hitting the dance floor with Sao Tokyoska at the dj booth. From Skanda Productions, Sao is a top notch dj here in Second Life... and could match anyone in real life, too!

sleek beach club

My only complaint? So many avatars at this Sleek Beach Club party that my rezz time was super slow... but the music was streaming and that's what is most important anyway! Woot!

sleek retail in second life

space grelling and harriet westbrook

Taking a break from the daily chores, I popped into Second Life to visit dj Space Grelling and his lovely partner, Harriet Westbrook. DJ Space was spinning at alt7, a popular indie music venue.

alt7 in second life indie and alternate music

A nice party of friendly avatars were dancing to the contemporary tunes of indie and alternative artists.

raftwet at alt7 in second life

I heard The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, Elvis Costello, Menswear, Squeeze and others from the dj booth. Cool for cats .... woot!

raftwet jewell at dj space grelling party

radiant bliss group in second life

FRIDAY! and the party has started. The minimal crowd was at Isle of Goodness for a Radiant Bliss party. Miss Tasty Hax was also there welcoming everyone.

isle of goodness

I saw a lot of people there enjoying the outdoor venue surrounded by colorful flowers and trees.

raftwet jewell at radiant bliss party

DJ Savva McMillan was spinning a nice popping minimal set. Nice!

raftwet jewell at isle of goodness

Next Party on Monday June 21st!

radiant bliss party june 21 / monday

More information about Radiant Bliss:

Radiant Bliss Music Project  is a worldwide RL/SL community of unique, tallented specialty DJs  and music lovers created by Tasty Hax for the purpose of "Uniting People Through Music" ...sharing  top quality electronic music, exploring and discovering  new sounds, and encouraging expiramental and creative  freedom of DJs.   Radiant Bliss creates  a positive atmosphere of  fun happy love vibes and  brings people around the world together for fun and friendship  at some of the best parties and special events in SL.  Come visit us and join the group of 1400+ music lovers!


*Magic Garden:
*Burning Life:

Written by Tasty Hax and submitted for THE A LIST!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dance island djvoyager xue

dance island djvoyager xue, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

DJVoyager Xue at Dance Island

dance island dj's

Oh, the party is always here at Dance Island. No matter what time of day, there are avis dancing to the hot tunes at the club.

dance floor at dance island

roxette mabellon on the dance floor

dance island new dance floor

House, techno, trance and more is presented by a variety of dj's from all over the world. As long as I've been coming to Dance Island, I have never heard a bad set. The dj's here are always the best on the grid.

dj aragorn zelin at dance island

dance island newly renovated

the a list! at dance island

Tonight, we stopped over and started with Aragorn Zelin and stayed for DJVoyager Xue's set. For a Tuesday night, DI was shaking hard. Woot!

xavier, raftwet at dance island

xavier, raftwet at dance island party

raftwet walking into dance island

Thanks to Rox, Deirdre and Rich for this awesome club!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New! Nardcotix & CoCo, a Sneak Peek!

There have been so many fabulous new releases lately it was very hard for me to pick out what to show you guys! CoCo released the shirt a few days ago that is actually a dress. It comes in several colors so there is something for everyone! The skin I am wearing is a special sneak peek Pompeja Rossini of LaVie gave me a few weeks ago. My absolute favorite skin of in all of Second Life is LaVie's Demi skin and she's currently making a version two of it!! This is the beta for it and I must say that I am loving it so far! LeLutka has also added a whole slew of items to their summer collection!


Yesterday the grid was taken by storm when Nardya Rousselot, the designer of Nardcotix reopened her store! Nardya released several new pairs of shoes that are simply to die for!! The texturing on these prim feet are unlike any I have ever seen and the hud is quite honestly the very best I have ever seen. This is not just another new shoe release, this is a shoe revolution people!

Get the look:

Skin: LaVie Demi V2 Beta (Not for Sale)

Hair: W&Y - New 71

Glasses: Role Optic SG-53 Eternity

Earrings: Dahlinks Imperial Concubine

Necklace & Bracelet: R.A. Crystal Bliss

Shirt: COCO One Shoulder Polka Dot Dress

Pants: LeLutka Olimpa Pants

Shoes: Nardcotix MANA Chelo Wedge

Written & Submitted by BOSL  for THE A LIST!

Some items may have been gifted.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

jakes club resort - social networking

Time for a nice dj set by Syriana Paine. Oh, I can hear the boys now with their critiques on movies, music and fashion. It's time for partying outdoors at Jakes Club Resort!

dance floor at jakes club resort

DJ Syriana was spinning a lot of favorites including Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive." Gawd, that song is the anthem for all of us SL'ers! LOL!

syriana paine dj at jakes club resort

The lyrics of that song are epic. I sang along and thought of the many times I have said, "... I will survive..." Yah!

xavier, raftwet at jakes club resort

xavier, raftwet party at jakes club resort

And now, boys and girls... it's time to party 2010 style! Woot!