Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dj rieko yoshikawa

dj rieko yoshikawa, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj rieko party friends

party at fracture w dj rieko y...

Da goils were out in force tonight with a dark psy spin at the club called Fracture. DJ Rieko Yoshikawa was in the dark realm... muaaahhhh.

rieko yoshikawa

Shad Raffke sent the shout out in The A List! when Xavi and I were chilling at home. Boom, I went, leaving my angel to catch up to his work.

rafee at fracture party w dj r...

Shad, Billynom8 and DJSven along with a packed room of fans were all here to celebrate Sven's birthday and dark psy DJ Rieko's spin.

fracture club

Weeeeeeeee! what a fun Tuesday! Woot!

rafee at dj rieko yoshikawa pa...

djsven birthday party at e-78

djsven birthday at e-78

OMG! DJSVEN NEWMAN birthday party! Xavier and I, Mizz Rafee hit that tp so fast... we had to go congratulate one of our favorite dj's over at E-78!

E-78 club virtual world second...

djsven newman party at E-78

I have never heard DJSven spin this kind of music before... electro minimal blah blah... it was very cool... but, who had doubts? DJSven can spin anything!

rafee at djsven newman birthda...

Cool beats from a very cool dj... SVEN is spinning!

moos hultcrantz

moos hultcrantz, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

moos hultcrantz

moos hultcrantz of united tune...

I think I got the tp from Virgilia or maybe it was from Lolla... nevertheless, it showed that the "old man" was playing and spinning at Intoxia.


rafee at dj moos hultcrantz pa...

DJ Moos Hultcrantz is a seasoned dj with a large catalogue of music in the electro genre. He has a popular group in the virtual world of Second Life called Unlimited Tunes, Inc.

oooooo at intoxia

I see Virgilia, Lolla, Brooklyn, DJ01, and ooooooo with a bunch of other avis at Moos' party... woot! LOL! Love the little white ghost-like ooooooo!

dj moos hultcrantz party at in...

Moos is also in my group, The A List! He is a great dj, a good spirit and a well-respected group owner and business man. Kudos to Moos!

intoxia underground tech