Thursday, August 27, 2009

dj darrin mccallen at club illusion

dj darrin mccallen, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

club illusion party

A few errands and we were off for a dance! Club Illusion was calling so we ended up hanging out for a while listening to DJ Darrin McCallen.

xavier, raftwet at dj darrin m...

Pretty colors and nice lighting enhances the club experience there. And, dj Darrin kept the party moving.

xavi & rafee at club illusion

live musician andreus gustafson

live musician andreus gustafson, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

rafee at sunset jazz club

andreus gustafson : pianist

anj gustafson performance

Dreamy music and a dreamy voice... that's Anj Gustafson's set. He is a piano man and singer. His piano playing is beautiful and his voice just soothes.

circe broom and vincent merric...

circe and vincent at sunset ja...

Tonight, he is at Circe Broom's Sunset Jazz Club. A beautiful club just perfect for live music.

andreus gustafson virtual worl...

Andreus Gustafson is a wonderful musician in Second Life. Go check him out next time you see the shout in The A List!

second life live music : andre...

rafee in GothicCatz Designs

rafee in GothicCatz Designs : Fallen Angel

raftwet jewell at sunset jazz ...

clastix enzo : japan

clastix enzo : japan, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

radiant bliss music project : ...

rafee at RBMP party second lif...

RBMP presents events, partys

dj tasty hax at RBMP

I got a tp from Mizz Tasty Hax of Radiant Bliss Music Project to hear Japanese dj Clastix Enzo spin at RBMP. I caught the tail-end of dj GW spin before Clastix came on board.

dj clastix enzo at RBMP party

DJ Clastix Enzo is a popular dj in virtual world of Second Life. First time, I heard him was at Radi's club Vital. He became a fav dj right away! I always remember him because of his cute cartoon "head" instead of a regular avi face. LOL!

tasty hax : radiant bliss musi...

Now, that's one way to get everyone's attention! But, his minimal set is always superb! And, RBMP is a great place to hear him.

rafee at RBMP party second lif...

indie rock virtual world second life

I always have a blast at dj Space Grelling parties... why? Cause he always plays the best stuff from Arctic Monkeys to KT Tunstall... and everything in between.

rafee at dj space grelling par...

His playlists are legendary for adding new bands with their covers of old indie and alternative tunes from the past. It's a lesson in music every time I come to hear his music.

dj space grelling party

Space has his own club now called Indie Rock. Gold, orange and filled with glow, the place is brilliant!

raftwet at indie rock

Space is one of the coolest indie dj's on the grid... you can catch him at Indie Rock or alt7 for a few hours of bliss.

indie rock virtual world secon...

dance floor at indie rock

indie rock architecture