Monday, November 30, 2009

Ministry of Motion presents ~~~ Best SL Musician for 2009

Ministry of Motion is hosting a live music competition with Second Life's best musicians starting on December 6th.

The chart above is the competition schedule.

Ministry of Motion, along with co-sponsors Best of Second Life Magazine and The Stream Team, are hosting the “Best SL Musician 2009”.

The Winning Artist will be given the title of “Best SL Musician 2009”, a custom made guitar from Nomasha Syaka and $100,000L.

16 of SL’s top live musicians have been invited to play in a single elimination bracketed competition to be held at the Ministry of Motion Sim:  Dance Animations.  The musicians were selected through a nomination process consisting of major SL venue owners, musicians and music enthusiasts.

The Contest format is a head-to-head single elimination event.  The competition will include 16 musicians, performing two-at-a-time in 30 minute sets.  After each 2-artist gig, fans will be allowed 2 hours to vote for their pick for “Best Live Musician,” by touching a sign.  Individual avatars can vote only once.  All the events will be replayed the next day at 11:30am SLT followed by another 2 hours of voting.  The musician with the most votes will move to the next round of performing and voting.  The competition kicks off December 6th and will conclude when the finalists meet head to head on January 21st.

There is no fee to vote or attend the events, so it is up to the fan's vote to determine who will win this competition.

Please find attached the following items:

Landmark to Ministry of Motion:

Competition Bracket with all contestants, dates and times for all gigs through the final round.
(Chart at top of this post)

*List of musicians/contestants:

Maximillion Kleene         Agent:  Kat Vargas
Phemie Alcott
Jessy Sommer
Mimi Carpenter
Raspbury Rearwin
Cylindrian Rutabega
Juel Resistance
XanderNichting Writer      Agent:  Lilia Docherty
Jean Munro
taunter Goodnight
Amforte Clarity               Agent:  Syl Darcy
Greg Colossus
PM Bookmite
EdBarber Melody
Strum Diesel
Clairede Dirval

if you have any questions or would like to do any follow ups please contact either Razi Semple or Vixie Durant.

Ministry of Motion

Best of Second Life Magazine
The Stream Team

Note: *List of Musicians in bold and linked are in THE A LIST! or an Associate.
Thank you Razi Semple from Ministry of Motion for your information!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

nina brandenberg jazz singer in second life

We both love jazz and to hear it live is even a bigger treat. Second Life is probably the best venue in the world to hear live music from all corners of the world.

nina brandenburg at the savoy

the savoy jazz club in second life

Tonight, we dropped off at The Savoy to hear Nina Brandenburg singing a jazz set of great classics. From Frank Sinatra to Cole Porter, her range is beautifully designed for these classic jazz songs.

the savoy jazz club virtual world second life

crighton johin of the savoy

We also saw Crighton Johin, owner of The Savoy dancing on the floor, too! What a great way to spend our Saturday evening with the classics of jazz.

raftwet, xavier at the savoy in second life

kylie wiefel virtual world second life at scoutlounge

Clubbing on Saturday after the big Thanksgiving extravangaza means that we chill a bit. Exhausted from partying and eating! LOL!

scoutlounge party in second life

Scoutlounge is re-doing their sim, but the skyhigh lounge is still going strong while the builders work their magic.

rafee, xavi at scoutlounge

raftwet, xavier at scoutlounge in second life

DJ Kylie Wiefel was spinning a nice set perfect for the after holidays crowd. Always great dj's at this house club and I even spied dj ArageddoTox Raymaker dancing on the dance floor. Woot!

Friday, November 27, 2009

jace crazyboi party at the ruins


jace crazyboi is spinning.

raftwet, xavier virtual world ...

rafee, xavi in second life

couples in second life

excuse me while i party.

brb... when im done dancing.

the a list at the ruins grand ...

raftwet, xavier of THE A LIST!

djxhalloween boa in virtual world second life anniversary party crack monkey cove

Old, old friends are disappearing faster than I can blink as I become a seasoned avatar.

november 27, 2009 2 years crac...

crack monkey cove celebrates 2...

To see DJxHALLOWEEN Boa on the dance floor on Crack Monkey Cove is like stepping back two years. And, that is why we are all here today; celebrating the second year anniversary of Crack Monkey Cove at Drain Club!

drain club party anniversary c...

drain club party

I see a lot of familar faces like Drain Club owners, Talim Lilihook, Coggy Nikolaidis and other friends, Jasminx Saenz, Fred Heberle, Arnaud Mureaux, Olive Meriman, Lilian HowleyDigital Francis, Grip Talon, Laslopantomik Yao, Elisha Richez, Silus Kappler, Chelsea Dollinger, Ryz Uriza; but I miss the old friends that used to hang out at Divaz. Gawd, what a blast we had back then! Endless parties, endless fun... it's so good to see Hallow again! Woot!

djxhalloween, raftwet at anniv...

hallow, rafee at drain club

drain club party

Oh, yeah... some things always remain... Hallow's signature color... ORANGE! Hee hee...