Tuesday, May 4, 2010

skye galaxy in second life

skye galaxy in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

skye galaxy at whiskey jazz club
It is rare that I can even get into the sim where Skye Galaxy is performing. Equally, rare is that fact that I usually can not even see this performer as my rezz is usually so slow for him... why? Because there are usually over 40+ avis at the sim to hear him.

skye galaxy in concert

skye galaxy live music in second life

So when Cole sent the tp, I even said... "I'll never see him 'cause everything will be gray..." Blah...

skye galaxy concert in second life

Lo and behold, the SL gods were nice tonight, because there he was at his piano playing his music as if nothing was hampering the rezz. I could see Skye Galaxy!

skye galaxy composer, live music

I settled in to just be enveloped by the notes and his mournful voice. Soaring above the crowd, I am floating on his sounds... enjoying his musicianship... oh yah, last I heard... Cole crashed taking a pic. LOL! (told ya so, grrrrl)