Thursday, August 13, 2009

max kleene at sunset jazz

max kleene at sunset jazz, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

maximillion kleene

max kleene : live music

maximillion kleene at sunset j...

Live music is a huge draw anywhere on the grid and one avi who has dedicated herself to the live music scene is Circe Broom, winner of LEMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

circe and vincent at sunset ja...

circe circle radio

circe broom logo at sunset jaz...

Her holdings are focused on jazz clubs and venues that feature the best live performers from spoken word to jazz. She has every kind of music and shares it with us all.

max kleene show at sunset jazz

Today, I am at one of Circe's beautiful venues, Sunset Jazz Club listening to my favorite live musician, Maximillion Kleene. Ahhhh, this is heaven!

raftwet at sunset jazz club

rafee at maximillion kleene sh...

TADD's Cabaret : MIRAH

TADD's Cabaret : MIRAH, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Tadd's Cabaret & Dance Club has a couple of parties this upcoming weekend over on Chads Bora Bora sim.

Tadds Cabaret  : ELECTRA

On Sat, dj Mirah will be spinning a Neon Party starting at 7pm and on Sun, dj Electra will be holding down the booth at 6pm.