Friday, January 15, 2010

sneaky krugman in second life at erotic city

Woot! It's Friday night and I am ready for some dancing. OMG! Sneaky Krugman is spinning a pure party set at Erotic City tonight. ... just like old times on the grid.

erotic city party in second life

raftwet at dj sneaky krugman party

Dressed in silver, I was blinging to the party music and watching real life dj Sneaky on a video stream above the booth. Erotic City is owned by special friends from my old clubbing days!

raftwet at erotic city for sneaky krugman party

raftwet at sneaky krugman party

raftwet jewell in second life at erotic city

Sneaky was dancing as he is always partying on the floor. Sooo fun! Lots of old memories flashed by as I remembered listening to him spin three years ago... gawd I am an old avie now. LOL!