Saturday, May 2, 2009

artist yvonne bourgoin at house divaz

One of my very favorite clubs is House Divaz, the International House of Music. It's been a favorite haunt for a long, long time.

Hostess and artist, Yvonne Bourgoin sent a shout out for a new dj Mariska Miles. House Divaz always has some of the best dj's on the grid. Mariska does not disappoint with her minimal house tech tunes.

I stayed dancing on the steps near artist RichardJames, another old friend of House Divaz. The only one missing was djxHalloween Boa himself!

club experience in second life

So many clubs disappear on the Second Life grid. Some don't make it because of finances, drama between partners or just plain ol' fatigue.

Clubs are hard to create, hard to keep going. Promoters and dj's come and go, groups disappear or merge and some clubs just don't survive all the changes.

Club Experience is a club that has been here for two years. I have been coming here a long time. Even my first few dates with my angel were here! LOL! I remember clubbing with Mack and the peeps here, too! So, it has a lot of history for me.

Angelo Yalin is an owner of this club. A nice gentleman who greets everyone with a friendly hello and welcome. His job is made easier by the friendly club patrons who enjoy the club, the beautiful lights and the great dj's that always spin here.

Today, I am listening to dj Smeagol Greene spin a great set of trance. I have heard her before as she is also a former club owner. She has many fans and draws a great crowd.

Congratulations to Club Experience for their longevity and their success!

djsven newman : drum n bass

djsven newman : drum n bass, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

DJSven Newman is one of my favorite dj's on the Second Life grid. His parties are legendary. The drum n bass and the raps will make the most stoic jump up and dance.

Sven Newman aka Sven Neos is also a dj that nourishes younger dj's and encourages them. He gives them opportunities to spin in RL and in SL.

Today I caught him over at Popscene's Leeds Warehouse for a drum and bass set. Geesh, the place was packed! All the drum and bass addicts always seem to find dj Sven!

Sven is usually found over at Bassline Island at their main stage or the Goldfish club there. He is part of the BassLine Junkiez group.

jakec hotshot & baz ceawlin at jakes club resort

jakec hotshot & baz ceawlin, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.


Rocky Horror Picture Show... movie night at Jake's Club Resort was a fun way to cap the Friday night of clubbing.

The public chat was fun to read as each scene and actor was unmercifully critiqued. LOL!

I caught JakeC Hotshot and Baz Ceawlin decked out in their best Rocky Horror fashion. Oo la la... don't they look divine?

Popcorn and soda never tasted so good!