Friday, November 27, 2009

jace crazyboi party at the ruins


jace crazyboi is spinning.

raftwet, xavier virtual world ...

rafee, xavi in second life

couples in second life

excuse me while i party.

brb... when im done dancing.

the a list at the ruins grand ...

raftwet, xavier of THE A LIST!

djxhalloween boa in virtual world second life anniversary party crack monkey cove

Old, old friends are disappearing faster than I can blink as I become a seasoned avatar.

november 27, 2009 2 years crac...

crack monkey cove celebrates 2...

To see DJxHALLOWEEN Boa on the dance floor on Crack Monkey Cove is like stepping back two years. And, that is why we are all here today; celebrating the second year anniversary of Crack Monkey Cove at Drain Club!

drain club party anniversary c...

drain club party

I see a lot of familar faces like Drain Club owners, Talim Lilihook, Coggy Nikolaidis and other friends, Jasminx Saenz, Fred Heberle, Arnaud Mureaux, Olive Meriman, Lilian HowleyDigital Francis, Grip Talon, Laslopantomik Yao, Elisha Richez, Silus Kappler, Chelsea Dollinger, Ryz Uriza; but I miss the old friends that used to hang out at Divaz. Gawd, what a blast we had back then! Endless parties, endless fun... it's so good to see Hallow again! Woot!

djxhalloween, raftwet at anniv...

hallow, rafee at drain club

drain club party

Oh, yeah... some things always remain... Hallow's signature color... ORANGE! Hee hee...

mr widget party

mr widget party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mr widget party at muzik haus

mr widget, alienspeaking at muzik haus

raftwet, xavier at mr widget party

raftwet, xavier at muzik haus

Insane in the membrane...

It's early morning after Thanksgiving and Mr Widget just finished his set. It's good that we dance the calories off after the big turkey dinner.

Alienspeaking was next with a wicked set that kept us going in the wee hours.

I love the holidays.