Sunday, December 13, 2009

dance island number #1 second life

Old friends are calling... I could hear the techno trance at Dance Island!

dance island in second life

sao tokyoska at dance island

When we got there, Sao Tokyoska was just finishing his set. Sao is one of the best dj's on the grid and we always look forward to his sets.

dj gizelle brandenburg party at dance island

gizelle brandenburg at dance island

gizelle brandenburg party at dance island

No worries though, Gizelle Brandenburg was up next with a nice chill set of trance. As she danced on top of the dj booth, we set ourselves swaying to the music.

xavier, raftwet at dance island

xavier, raftwet at sao tokyoska party

Dance Island will always be a refuge from the madness on the grid. A place where the hostesses are friendly, where people love the music and where the best dj's on the grid are discovered.

xavier, raftwet at dance island second life

Thank you Rox and Deirdre for offering your best to the grid! Woot!

ChangHigh Trinity Sister performace in second life

Live performances are hot in Second LIfe. Not just live music but performances all across the grid. From ballet to fire dancing, the creative forces from the avatars bring a beauty uncommon and sometimes unseen in real life.

changhigh trinity sister performance

yman juran with ChangHigh Trinity Sister

Yman Juran of ChangHigh Trinity Sister had a beautiful show today on ElvenMoor sim. With Cypress Rosewood playing haunting music of Celtic origins, the spinning fire dancers in the sky were absolutely breathtaking.

cypress rosewood at elvenmoor

live music at elevenmoor with cypress rosewood

For those of you who are looking to beef up your attendance to your events or openings, contact Yman for an awe-inspiring addition to your schedules.

fire dancers at elvenmoor

fire dancers in second life

andy moon at club experience

andy moon at club experience, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

andy moon in second life

club experience in second life

Sunday hopping! So much to do, so much to see on the grid today.

andy moon party at club experience
Old friend Andy Moon has popped in to spin at Club Experience. He is only here rarely, so we went to go check out his trance at this long time club.

club experience in second life
Club Experience has changed into a nod to the water elements. There is beautiful Linden water flowing everywhere! Woot!

raftwet, xavier at club experience

rafwet, xavier at andy moon party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

omega catronis in second life

omega catronis at ambrosia dance club

dj omega catronis party at ambrosia

PAHTY! Saturday night on the grid is a swirl of parties and events everywhere. We hit Ambrosia Dance Club to hear dj Omega Catronis tonight. Ooooo, he was taking requests!

ambrosia dance club holidays 2009

ambrosia dance club christmas tree

raftwet, xavier at ambrosia dance club

raftwet, xavier at dj omega catronis party at ambrosia

It's always a party at Ambrosia. There were people in cocktail wear, thrasher jeans, casual wear and everything in between.

raftwet at ambrosia dance club

raftwet, xavier at ambrosia in second life

Friendly hostesses with a smile and a greeting to everyone who came in, makes you feel welcome. And, isn't that we all want? A welcoming place to party! Woot!