Sunday, January 31, 2010

vj shojo in virtual world of second life

The end of the month, January and the year is moving faster than lightening. So much to do with a calendar of events, parties and work that is already scheduled out to fall. Geeesh!

Tonight, we dance to the cool beats of VJ Shojo's tunes. Jazzy fushion of contemporary music and I am in a nice zone. You can hear his spins on Groove Radio.

cafe groove on stone pike

We are Cafe Groove at Port Shojo surrounded by Shojo Shipworks a collection of boats around the cafe.

vj shojo party at cafe groove

dj VJ Shojo at Cafe Groove

vj shojo : shojo shipworks

The scene here is very cool and chill... not a big crowd, but a group of people who know each other and love VJ Shojo's music. Very nice...

raftwet, xavier at vj shojo party

raftwet, xavier at cafe groove

club lights at haad rin party

club lights at haad rin party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

haad rin back yard

night harrop

night harrop of haad rin

Saturday night on the grid and the after parties begin. Some parties were going on all day long and still more dancing!

evah gothly at haad rin

dj evah gothly at haad rin

We stopped off at HAAD RIN Back Yard at Koh Phangan for a bit of Evah Gothly's chill minimalist music.

haad rin party in second life

djosiris darkstone at haad rin

This is a nice way to end the evening at Haad Rin after a very long day of media uploads and working on several blogs! Speaking of youtube... Night Harrop sent me this link for Haad Rin concepts: Woot!

raftwet jewell in second life

raftwet at haad rin party

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Contemporary Art in a Classical Setting

Those of you who know me well also know that in real life I love classical music. I am a classically trained musician who plays the violin, guitar, recorder and a bit of piano. Most of the avatars in Second Life usually see me at the clubs where I love love love all kinds of music and dancing. Hee hee I am definitely a clubber at heart!

Last night, though, I spent a wonderful evening at Criss Museum of Contemporary Art. Scotj Criss and his lovely partner, Katerina Burner held "A Baroque Ball" and we attended in full French fashion circa 1600. The Barque Ball was highlighted with a live reading of poetry and live music with Azael Glom who played popular classical compositions on piano.

Both of us had gone to the museum prior to the Baroque Ball a few weeks ago and I had captured some photos of the contemporary art at their main gallery. The gallery itself is a piece of sculptural architecture and compliments the art inside.

Much thanks to Scotj and Katerina for allowing us to view their private art collection and their lovely Baroque Ball!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

kirin serevi at agape

kirin serevi at agape, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dance floor at agape

kirin serevi at agape club

dj kirin serevi party at agape

Tonight we are club hopping around the grid checking out new and old places. One of our members, Kirin Serevi of Substance club was spinning at Agape.

agape club virtual world second life

dj kirin serevi party at agape

agape club exterior

Agape is a cleanly built club in black and white with touches of gray. A beautiful waterfall cascades behind the dj booth and lends a bit of nature in this beautiful club.

carlos kirshner of agape club in second life

carlos kirshner at agape party

The owner, Carlos Kirshner was on the dance floor along with his partner, Goli Fierenza. Both of them were greeting everyone with a friendly welcome... always nice to see the owners enjoying themselves, too!

xavier, raftwet at agape club

xavier, raftwet at agape club in second life

xavier, raftwet from the a list! at agape

Kirin Serevi was spinning a great set of electro tunes, so we hung out and danced for a while. It's Thursday and the weekend is looming near! Woot!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

jen noel aka the dealer at cafe ravello

It's Wednesday and we affectionately call it Hump Day. The middle of the week and everyone is already looking forward to the weekend! LOL!

water in second life

party at cafe ravello

Tonight we are chilling with dj Jen Noel aka "The Dealer" who spins a fusion of eclectic world music. Her emphasis tonight is the blues... from everywhere!

waterfalls in second life

waterfalls at villas de ravello

cafe ravello in second life

villas de ravello in second life

A casual setting set in a beautiful landscape of waterfalls, fountains and streams makes me smile. Tilted columns and pavillions gives Cafe Ravello an old world feel. A nice play to party! Woot!

raftwet, xavier at cafe ravello

raftwet, xavier at dj jen noel party

raftwet, xavier at jen noel party at cafe ravello

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

l'immortel club party

l'immortel club party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

angelinium parx at l'immortel

angelinium parx in second life virtual world

Salut! Salut! and here we are at dj angelinium Parx party at L'Immortel club.

party at l'immortel club

dance floor at l'immortel club

Set in a pyramid above the grid, the club L'Immortel has a beautiful jewel-like colored dance floor surrounded by tropical plants.

angelinium, lilylyla at l'immortel club

dj's angelinium and lilylyla at l'immortel

DJ angelinium Parx was dancing with another dj Lilylyla Sawson. A nice group of people with a friendly welcome that made us feel right at home.

xavier, raftwet in second life

xavier, raftwet at angelinium parx party at l'immortel

A great electro set was spinning from the deft hands of dj angelinium, so we ended up staying a lot longer than we planned. Woot!