Thursday, May 27, 2010

3D Virtual Detroit Electronic Music Festival

D.E.M.F. 2010

Fourth Annual 3D Virtual
Detroit Electronic Music Festival

May 28 - 29
11am to 7pm SLT

claude fizz
yura gazov
hemmi hamachi
stefan chrousch
glitchfxxx monitor
init hubble
nelscat hanya
stig batistuta
ideal flow
2ndthoughts brando for info


Notes from Poster:
"Don't miss this one of a kind annual techno festival as we bring together 10 of Second Life's Premiere Electronic Music Artists for 2 nights of live music and dancing performed in a 3D Virtual model of Detroit's Hart Plaza! In a world where the limits are set by the imagination, we welcome you to come join us for an unforgettable experience in 3D Virtual Reality."

Thank you, Stefan Chrousch for the info!

s&s gallery presents dulcis taurog

raftwet at s&s gallery, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

S&S GALLERY presents Dulcis Taurog

Dulcis Taurog's Fine Art now dresses the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts. She creates her art primarily within Second Life. All of the colors and shapes are taken snapshots she has taken in SL. No Photoshop and any Paint Programs... Come check out her unique works.

From Stefanik Dagostino of S&S Gallery Gallery/101/152/503

Artist's Statement:

My 'paintings' are primarily created within Second Life. All of the colors and shapes are from snapshots I have taken of objects I created in SL. Sometimes I use a simple program to take cuttings to layer into collage-like paintings. I don't use Photoshop, or any paint programs, any textures taken from outside SL, or any physical painting or drawing tools.

I was motivated to find ways to create images in Second Life by two factors. I had a number of visual ideas I wanted to pursue, and I had no training, experience, or tools in real life to express them. 

I love Japanese and Chinese gardens, calligraphy and landscape paintings. I have seen some abstract paintings that evoke similar feelings, and wished I could express that combination of color, and calligraphic feel of a landscape. I did not have the opportunity until I found the tools within Second Life.

I make objects, color them, then play with lighting and refraction in the Environmentl Settings menu, then I take snapshots when I see the 'painting' that I want.

I hope you enjoy my work. I'd be happy to talk to anyone about what I do, or how I do it.

Dulcis Taurog

showing now at S&S Gallery

LaVie Skins

Pompeja Rossini of LaVie has once again created another beautiful master piece! The new Kira skin has several different tones as well as many different make-up choices, all of which are absolutely flawless. But, who would expect anything less from Pompeja? Don't miss your chance to be one of the first people to strut across the grid in this unique work of art!

P.S. Guys, there is also an update for the LaVie Skin Liam and the Noah skin is making a return!

second life fashion

And we all know I cannot blog without showing off clothes too soooooo!!!


Skin - LaVie - Kira - Bronze

Hair - Analog Dog - Minna

Necklace - Sole - 3-Star - R Piace

Jacket - -SG- Tokyo Coat

Tank - *GC* - Plain Tank

Belt - Mandala - Saicho Belt

Bracelets - Armidi - Glitz Bangles

Pants - Diram - Leather pants from "Kay" outfit

Shoes - Anuda - Heartbeat Black Sandles

Submitted by: BOSL  for THE A LIST!

Some items may have been gifted.