Monday, September 28, 2009

drain club party with arnaud mireaux

Monday blues gets wiped away with music around the grid. I stopped off to say hi to Coggy and Talim over at Drain Club.

drain club above sim

ARNAUD Mureaux was spinning a nice set. I saw quite a few people there, including dj clasix Enzo, Coggy Nikolaidis, Talim Lilliehook, Frederick Heberle and others.

raftwet at drain club

artistic rebellion party

artistic rebellion party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Artistic Rebellion


Oct 3, 2009::::::::::::::::

DJ's 11am to ?pm (slt)

10am kemmi kamachi

11am yura gazov

12am claude fizz

1pm stefan chrousch

2pm martino bamaisin

3pm moos hultcrantz

4pm miguelcorreia enoch

5pm ionic benton

fine art

retail shops at radiant bliss treehouse

Just in time for holiday sales, Radiant Bliss Treehouse has vendors set up near the party zone area.

radiant bliss music project in...

raftwet at doubledown tandino ...

Today, Doubledown Tandino is spinning a very chill set for a Monday. Lots of vendors are set up here, so come party and go shopping, too!

raftwet from the a list at rad...

raftwet at radiant bliss treeh...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

tav palen at blackhearts

tav palen at blackhearts, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

tav palen in second life

dj tav palen at blackhearts

Robertson sent the IM... Tav is spinning at Blackhearts...

blackhearts in second life

tav palen party at blackhearts

Woot! Off we went to party with dj Tav Palen. Such a fun set! Tav can spin a party.

rafee at tav palen party

blackhearts in second life

dj tav palen party at blackhea...

Blackhearts was packed as usual, but the sim crashed... there were so many Tav fans! We had a blast!

raftwet at dj tav palen party ...

raftwet at blackhearts

tone uriza concert at junkyard blues

tone uriza concert at junkyard blues, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

tone uriza concert at junkyard...
One of the largest and oldest blues club on the grid is at Junkyard Blues. I remember dancing here way back in 2007.

junkyard blues outdoor area

junkyard blues live music

The place hasn't changed much except there are several stage areas and dance floors. This place always had a big draw for the avis on Second Life.

junkyard blues bar area

Now, I am here listening to Tone Uriza at Junkyard Blues south stage. Gawd, over 50+ avis here to hang out in the casual outdoor setting.

junkyard blues dancing

couples dancing at junkyard bl...

And Tone singing the blues live is a special treat indeed! Woot!

raftwet, xavier at junkyard bl...

xavier, raftwet from the a lis...