Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cyber spider at club industry

dj daemonchadeau nemeth

Long time favorite dj DaemonChadeau Nemeth sent out at shout from Club Industry tonight. He was spinning a hardcore industrial set. Woot!

rafee, xavi at club industry p...

Xavier and I headed over for a kool evening of serious tunage. Yummy...

club industry mall

robert porter at sacrilege

robert porter at sacrilege, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

the sacrilege gothic club

Oh, the German metal was calling me loud and clear tonight. Robert Porter sent a shout out in The A List! for dj Jayson McDonnell party at The Sacrilege.

dj jayson mcdonnell at sacrile...

OMG! I loved his tuneeeees! So fun and I got to hear a fun party mix. And the crowd there was decked out in sexy shoes... yes, a contest LOL!

gothic mall at sacrilege