Tuesday, February 2, 2010

stefan chrousch at room 23

stefan chrousch at room 23, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

stefan chrousch in second life metaverse

stefan chrousch virtual world second life

dj stefan chrousch party at room 23

I dropped by to hear Stefan Chrousch today at Room 23. A definite underground scene of minimalist music & decor. The beats were enticing as Stefan took us on his musical journey.

special event at room 23

room 23 decor

chill zone at the room 23

stefan chrousch party at room 23

Room 23 is a creative build of dingy cracked walls and posters. A concrete floor reminds us that we are in an underground repository of sorts. Room 23 is owned by DeeJayBPM McKeenan and she was playing next. Fun!

room 23 party in second life

raftwet at dj stefan chrousch party

stefan chrousch party at room 23

raftwet jewell at stefan chrousch party

The fans were here too, of minimal music and dj Stefan Chrousch. I needed a bit of chill this afternoon... a good way to refocus on the work at hand.