Friday, October 29, 2010

skeletons in the haunted house at jakes club resort

skeletons in the haunted house, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

bloody skeleton on halloween maze

halloween creepy clown

We had to go and check out Jake's Club Resort's Haunted House or haunted maze as you will see. We had just been over to Jake's Zombie Land party, but didn't get a chance to see the spook house.

raftwet in the bloody room

xavier in the coffin in second life

You enter and walk through a maze of delightful spooky things.

xavier in jakes haunted maze

raftwet dead in the morgue at jakes

Each room has a theme or a purpose. Sometimes it takes you to the iconic haunted house themes and other times you will be sent outside into a graveyard.

raftwet jewell in haunted maze

entry to halloween haunted house

Gorey, bloody and sometimes whimsical, the images dart out and disappear. The rooms are filled with gruesome creepiness, and it is all in good fun!

haunted house for halloween

halloween pictures

death altar in jakes haunted house

Baz Ceawlin is the builder here. He has done an incredible job of imagination and execution. Most haunted houses on the grid can be seen rather quickly, but this one took us an hour. We enjoyed each room and clicked on everything!

raftwet, xavier at jakes club resort haunted house

raftwet and xavier at haunted maze at jakes club resort

jakes club resort : haunted house

jakes club resort : haunted house

If you only have time for one haunted house, go check this one out. It is easy to navigate and loads quickly. Take a date and hold hands... because you will be scared! Boooooooo!

raftwet jewell at haunted house in second life

All photos by raftwet jewell and uploaded to flickr for THE A LIST! blog.