Thursday, October 8, 2009

unlimited party virtual world second life

Topping off my minimal, electro party tunes, I ended up stopping at Moos Hultcrantz club UNLIMITED to catch some tunage.

unlimited party

DJ Wiretap Kozlov was spinning a nice chill set. I saw a bunch of people there, too! Clastix, Stefan, Kemmi, Virgilia, Moos, and other familiar faces were all hanging out for the party, too.

graphics at UNLIMITED

I took my pictures, did the upload and finished filing and deleting my ridiculous inventory load. LOL! Yah, right... as if a few 1,000 inventory items deleted is gonna help...

unlimited party in second life

rafee at unlimited party in se...

E-78 reopens! First Assault : The Futurist Stage

Nurito Inshan has reopened his popular club E-78 once again! And, the crowds came and packed the club for him easily.

e-78 reopening in second life

e-78 party in second life

The dj's were there ready to chill away the day with minimal and electro tunes.

dj gregory ireto

When I got there, dj Gregory Ireto was spinning. I saw Sidda from Dogglounge, Nurito dancing, Yotan grooving out and several others hanging with the beats.

Nurito Inshans E-78 in Second...

E-78 party in second life

rafee at e-78 party

Nice to see this great club reopen... just in time for the holiday party season! Woot!

raftwet at E-78 Grand Reopenin...