Monday, August 24, 2009

The Rabbicorn : now!

The Rabbicorn : now!, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Interactive Work by Bryn Oh

The Rabbicorn

Show closes : sept 1

The Rabbicorn Story is an Immersive narrative created by Bryn Oh and hosted by IBM. It is coming to the end of its time at IBM and will then move to Immersiva sim.

This show closes on September 1st at IBM and will then move to Immersiva sim. I would like to thank IBM and especially Tezcatlipoca Bisani and Jessica Qin for inviting me to show with them and for the great support offered.

Written by : Bryn Oh for The A List! blog


MINIMUM BLISS 3, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

RBMP Productions Presents ~~~~


10am to 4pm slt

remus thelt 10am

artect amat 12pm

sao tokyoska 2pm

aug 25 / tuesday

Radiant Bliss Music Project

Tasty Hax = Radiant Bliss

woods house music club party

woods house music club party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

woods chill zone

woods group : join now

This house music club is presented by the Woods Media group,  Mercedes Auer and Ezio Gears.

woods media group

Woods - House Music Club is a gorgeous club of dark wood, stone and open ceiling to the beautiful blue skies. Dance and enjoy the views, the friendly atmosphere and the very gracious owners, Mercedes and Ezio.

woods house music club

The place feels like a real club and the views to the ocean are gorgeous. This is a club that welcomes all and Mercedes and Ezio are usually there greeting everyone.

xavier, raftwet at woods

woods house music club

dj silwolffe skytower

Some of the best house dj's reside here, too. Tonight we are listening to dj Silwolffe Skytower spinning some world house beats... very nice!

house party at woods


HYPE.MASSIVE, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

skull suckaz party

The Hype.massive crew, Djs Frederick Heberle from Switzerland and Arnaud Mureaux from France keep it fresh with the newest remixs and evolving styles of Electro music.

Mixing fresh indie new sounds for uplifting party vibes. The Hype.massive plays around Second life for more then a year now and spread their beats in the best Sl clubs.

In 2008 They opened the doors of their own club, it was called "Le Ghetto Hype". A weekly party every Thursdays with the best Djs of the grid helped this special place to enter in history.

In January 2009, Le Ghetto hype closed its doors.

29 of August 2009

The resurrection

Ace8 Clip : 11 - 1pm

i7o Zhu : 1 - 3pm

Dave Attenborough : 3 - 5pm

For those who never put their feet in "Le Ghetto hype" here comes another chance! This Saturday starting at 11 am sl time, we will have a really special party. We rerezzed the club with the same spirit it had before its death.

The lineup is really special too. These 3 Djs we choosed for this party are really rare to see around Second life.

Dave Attenborough (Germany)
Known in real life under the name of Spenza is a really interesting electro producer from Berlin, owner of the famous store RE.ACT and TRASH PALACE, the place we loved and missed so much. You can check his sound on myspace and support him by buying his tracks on beatport.

I7o Zhu (Portugal)
Really rare DJ, back in second life for this special party. We can expect a sick mix of breaks and live mushups. I really look forward!

Ace8 Clip (Japan)
Ace8, real life DJ too and producer, you can check his own creation too on this link

To join this party in the newly rebuild Ghetto hype, click on the link above or below,  and you will get there shortly.

We hope to meet you this Saturday for this rare electro party.

Frederick Heberle ~~~

Thank you Fred for this post! For more info, please contact Fred or Arnaud. Frederick Heberle is an original member of The A List! group. We appreciate all his past support! Best wishes, Fred and Arnaud!