Saturday, October 17, 2009

healer ladybird in second life

healer ladybird in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

HEALER LADYBIRD at Burning Lif...
Gotta get a little psy to end the night... DJ Healer Ladybird next!

Burning Life Music : Healer La...

Healer's psy parties are well-known. As a top psy dj, she is a much sought after performer.

dj Healer Ladybird party at Bu...

Her popularity was apparent by the gray goo people! Blah on the textures, but the tunes were awesome! She drew in a large crowd at the Berlin Stage for Burning Life! Woot!

Berlin Stage at Burning Life

Healer Ladybird has an installation of her photographs that she uses as a teaching tool about healing medicines in a natural way.

raftwet jewell photo taken by Peachy Sassoon in Second Life

raftwet jewell photo taken by Peachy Sassoon in Second Life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.
Peachy Sassoon took the original pictures of Raftwet Jewell and Xavier Thiebaud at Burning Life 2009.

I caught the strains of "The Doors" ... Light My Fire just as I crossed the edge of the borderline. I stopped to listen.

The TP went to Xavi and we were in a mash of great tunes ranging from old rock to new indie. This dj was making a party. DJ Magdalena Kamenev was spinning.

raftwet, xavier by Peachy Sass...

Peachy Sassoon owns Drama Libre, an old club on the grid. She had the smile and the big welcome to all. Peachy took these photos of me and Xavier. Hugz to her! Woot!

radiant bliss burners for dj tasty hax party

The gray goo is starting to invade my posts. Darn the lag... but there are a ton of people at Burning Life partying like there's no tomorrow.

radiant bliss music project

We stopped off for a bit of chill at Tasty Hax's Radiant Bliss stage. Very pretty with lots of color highlighting the fun parties that Radiant Bliss puts on for their friends.

burning life party with radian...

dj tasty hax at burning life

burning life in second life

This was a nice way to end the whirlwind of parties today. The lag wasn't as bad as last year, but I still had some gray goo issues. LOL!

raftwet, xavier at radiant bli...

raftwet, xavier at burning lif...

digital francis from digital nation

The day went by so fast! From the noon opening to now. Xavier and I just walked over to the Berlin Stage to listen to dj Digital Francis from Digital Nation do his set at Burning Life.

berlin stage at burning life 2...

We saw a bunch of old friends there including Arabella, Tammie, Night, Alec, Reuns and others.

2009 burning life berlin stage

Burning Life brings out the best from the grid. So much art and music. There is something for everyone! B U R N ! Woot!

xavier, raftwet at Berlin Plaz...

digital francis from digital n...

dj moshi kamachi

dj moshi kamachi, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

moshi kamachi : king of dub

Da party has started! October 17th, the sounds are permeating through the dry playa grounds... absorbed and flowing like an invisible river of music. It is time for Burning Life!

raftwet, xavier burning at bas...

burning life bassline party : ...

Yah... the music, the art, the creators coming together to have a party and enjoy the tunes from the best dj's on the Second Life grid.

burning life art creations

I start with Moshi Kamachi, the King of Dub. Junglist tunes and he brings the cuisine rich with flavors exotic and sinful. We are over at BassLine Junkiez venue on Limbo. I think I see everyone!

burning life art

BURN! This weekend is gonna be FUN! Woot!