Saturday, October 31, 2009

tav palen party at blackhearts

tav palen party at blackhearts, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

tav palen virtual world second...

tav palen at blackhearts

tav palen at blackhearts

blackhearts in second life

Rock and roll was calling over at Blackhearts! DJ Tav Palen was spinning his awesome set. Woot!

xavier, raftwet at blackhearts

rafee at blackhearts for tav p...

xavier from the a list at blac...

Tav is a creator, a shapeshifter, a dj and a really great avi. You can catch him spinning around the grid. His rock catalogue is perfect for a good time at a club. Enjoy!

raftwet at dj tav palen party ...

raftwet jewell at blackhearts ...

cocoa beach for live music

cocoa beach for live music, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

trav mccullough live music at ...

My Second Life has been a bit of a struggle today. Slow rezz and gray prims... difficult to snap the picture.

trav mccullough at cocoa beach

We went over to Cocoa Beach to hear Trav McCullough. He rezzed but hardly anyone else did. So strange...

cocoa beach region in second l...

cocoa beach waterfalls

So I camered around and took photos of the beautiful region. With the sun setting, the vista was stunning. Romance, beauty, live music... a wonderful venue and region for all of us.

cocoa beach in second life

And, listening to Trav's romantic vocals with my eyes closed... what a perfect ending to an awesome Halloween week! Holidays are here and that means connecting with loved ones. Share your explorations with that special one and search for hangouts that feature nature, romance and music.

second life cocoa beach

sao tokyoska at dance island halloween party

The grid is packed today for Halloween celebrations. All the clubs have parties with costumes featured. Ghouls, witches, fairies and more are peppering the grid.

sao tokyoska party at dance is...

Over at Dance Island there is a non-stop party with some of the best dj's in Second Life. Oooo, I see Deirdre Masala, owner, in full costume, too!

deirdre masala at dance island

dance island deirdre masala

I came over to listen to SAO Tokyoska this afternoon. A favorite dj and an awesome avi, SAO's spins are legendary.

halloween party at dance islan...

Dance Island is the best place to "find" new dj's and up and coming stars. Almost my entire fav list of dj's were discovered here. Woot!

raftwet at dance island

raftwet at dj sao tokyoska par...

Now, let's party!