Thursday, October 22, 2009

alexi ayres : dragon at burning life

alexi ayres : dragon at burning life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj alexi ayres at burning life
A draw towards the surreal was calling... Alexi Ayres was spinning at Mojitas over at Burning Life.

alexi ayres at mojitas

Alexi is a dj but not just a dj... she is a performer. Her goa spins are legendary for the artistic performances she gives.

alexi ayres at burning life 20...

Tonight in this little cave, she is a dragon. Fierce and menacing, I heard she was eating the fans and making them go poof! LOL!

burning life 2009

A fierce dragon... and an awesome dj, too! Only at Burning Life! Woot!

ETC Dollinger at Burning Life 2009

etc dollinger at burning life ...

etc dollinger at berlin stage ...

I came across dj ETC Dollinger a couple of months ago. He spins a fun set of mash, house, electro, pop and everything else.

inside the belly of the berlin...

berlin stage 2009 burning life

I came to listen to his set at Burning Life. He was spinning at the Berlin Stage on Sulphur. So fun!

berlin stage 2009 burning life

berlin stage at burning life 2...

ETC spins are surprising and he loves mixing songs with similar beats and rhythms. Love it! Woot!

raftwet at berlin stage for dj...

raftwet at dj etc dollinger

nurito inshan

nurito inshan at tir na gra, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.
nurito inshan

Ok, so I am a little Burning Life'ed out... lol! I felt like listening to some dj Nurito music...

tir na gra in second life

halloween party at tir na gra

Nurito Inshan from E-78 sent out the notice this afternoon from Tir Na Gra club for an early Halloween party. Click, I hit the tp.

dj nurito inshan party at tir ...

A nice crowd was dancing to Nurito's cool minimal and world beats. A nice way to end the long work day... with a little Nurito mash.

rafee at tir na gra for dj nur...

magz, raftwet at tir na gra fo...