Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There are many promoters in Second Life. So many new promoters, event makers and party planners are sprouting up everywhere on the grid. And new groups are forming daily... this is good news, my friends. Why? Because people are still creating and making business opportunities in SL which means that the economy is bouncing back with confidence.

We make, we create and then we implement. If it doesn't work, then we go to plan B. The networkers in the group have also created their own synergy grouping with each other on projects, clubs and events. It works... it really does work. Joining forces and sharing resources will cut down on costs, staff and help to focus your energies where it counts the most... the event or party!

Here are a few groups that we have run across who warrant your attention. Join them and network with them and their members...

Dance Island : Roxette Mabellon
Electronic Informer : Wandolf Rau
Live Turntable DJ's : Doubledown Tandino
Radiant Bliss Music Project : Tasty Hax
Happy Clam Island : Finn Zeddmore
Digital Nation : Digital Francis
Live Musician Latin/Musica Latina : Horacios Allen
IPR365 Internet Partnership : IPR365 Ah
The A List! : Xavier Thiebaud & Raftwet Jewell
The Underground : Bridgitte Boucher (no viable link; Briddy where's the link?)

Let me know if there are other groups that should get a mention. They don't have to belong to The A List! but we would like to pass their info on to the rest of the members here for their own needs and resources.

Leo, Mackenzie, Raftwet, Xavier & MP
Thanks to Radiant Bliss, Digital Nation, The Underground for notice help on our wedding! Luvsya guys!

For the rest of you, we ask you to read the blogs and feel free to link them to your own networking and marketing internet properties. Also, feel free to make additions and corrections in the comment area. We know you have more info then we received while we were dancing and partying at your event!

Raftwet & Xavier Wedding

Many groups are requiring fees to circumvent the spammer or troublemakers. We are currently reviewing this concept. (Hint: get those reps into the group BEFORE the fee structure begins... Xavier is looking at initiation fees of 4, 5 figures peeps) For the rest of you who already belong, you will NOT be required to pay any fees. We appreciate your participation and your support since we began! <3 ... more rewards are coming for our loyal members!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Resources: Romantic Sims and Places

Valentine's Day is next Saturday and I am sure that many of The A Lister's are scrambling to find gifts for their significant other... and Xavier and RAFTWET are planning special intimate gatherings with their friends.


For gifts, we suggest that you stay with the jewelry or hobby gift. Clothes and other accessories may be troublesome due to transfer issue, so if you do clothes, accessories, then definitely consider the metacard or gift card for the purchase. Let them choose! Just make sure you check all gifts for transfer perms!


Valentine Gifts!:::
RAVERZ Stylez for the raver on the go; particles, rave attachments and clothing.
RaveLong dj accessories and metacard info; speakers, dance floor, etc.
LOLO Pets cutest virtual pets, animals, zoo and fashion accessories.
FX Particles Neil's particle store on Bisque; poofers, rain, sparkles, sculpty art.
Armidi fine clothing for men and women; European influence; hair, clothes and accessories.
Muism women's and men's clothing and accessories; skins, tatoos, hair.
WET Love Cakes for all occasions; love, valentine, birthday, special event, desserts.
Jador Fashion a one-stop shopping hub for the best clothing and designers on the grid; clothes, accesories and jewelery.
Bianca Foulon my favorite designer is on Velvet! (darn... now everyone knows...)
FKNY great store for gifts for both men and women; sunglasses, fashion accessories, clothes, hair, eyes & skin.

Full on Love Fest!:::
Gardens of Apollo One of the most romantic places in all of Second Life!
Sphynx Jazz Sexy tunes in a sophisticated, romantic setting; Jen Noel spins here!
Avilion Ballroom Classic ballroom setting with a long reputation for romance and love.
Tempura Island Beautiful ballroom is the highlight of this gorgeous sim; cuddle, dinner for two, private rooms, exploration.
Phatland Jazzy contemporary tunes enrich this club to a premium level for romantic interludes.
The Palace A magnificent, palatial build with a romantic ballroom; slow dance, architecture and more.
Bubbly Ballroom A beautiful ballroom with dinner for two on the upper levels; music stream and live music is featured here.

Emerging Romance!:::
Garden of Dreams God is present here at the gardens; chill zone, river, cuddle, pose ball, picnic blankets in a serene natural setting.
SL Botanical Gardens My inspiration for all things water and nature in Second Life; still surprises and inspires.
Fair Chang Expo Live music, jazz, flamenco and dinner for two are featured at this lovely ballroom.
Phantom Rose Opera Old world elegance lends a beautiful touch to the opera house veranda overlooking the lake. Romantic operatic selections for the sophisticated musical ear.
Cuddler's Cove Beach scene with love and live music; cuddling, pose balls, ocean, beach and friendly, comfortable atmosphere.
Bella Vida Shop and dance to dj Jen Noel and dj Angelsmoon Jewell; Bliss Couture, shopping, jewelery, ballroom and world music.
Kaiya Islands A beautiful, natural island setting for lovers and friends; live music is featured regularly here.

Good Friends!:::
Zero Point Sabine Stonebender's immersive art vision; premier build in Second Life, inspiring and moving.
Inspire Space Park A hang-out for astronomical fantasies; zen-like meditation areas, chat and chill zones, music and dancing, shopping; very well-known and usually filled with avies.
Virtual Starry Night A romantic art space that pays homage to the great artist, Vincent Van Gogh; virtual 3D paintings.
SVARGA An old sim of supreme inspiration for builders; mysterious, dark and ancient; balloon ride tour.
Bliss Gardens A collection of retail sims but absolutely gorgeous to just chill; waterfalls, rivers, streams, trees, cuddle and shopping.
Brooklyn is Watching An interactive art sim for SL artists to show-off their stuff; amazing collection of artists and artwork; highly recommended.
Surfing Heather shows her wares at this surf sim; rent a board and give it a try, shopping available here, too.
Ivory Tower of Primitives Divine inspiration for builders; incredible, meticulously built structure (no sculptys or textures... all prims)

Happy V week people! Now get out there and go shopping and plan for that romantic day or evening on Valentine's!