Thursday, December 3, 2009

blues heron live music in second life

blues heron live music in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

blues heron at pannies rosedrop media circus

second life blues heron at pannies rosedrop media circus

blues heron in virtual world second life
There are fabulous shopping deals all over the grid. Just in time for the holidays! And, it's time for a break with some music.

live music artists at pannies rosedrop media circus

live music at pannies rosedrop media circus

Blues Heron sent out a shout for a concert at Pannie's & Rosedrop Media Circus. This singer has me hooked! Blues, contemporary and even a little hillbilly music all the way from Alaska!

pannies rosedrop media circus holiday decorations

raftwet at blues heron concert in second life

Second Life is a blast for music every single day. What a great venue for the artists all over the world! Woot!

pannies & rosedrop media circus in second life

dogglounge holidays in second life

Whew! I just finished decorating the regions with holiday and Christmas cheer. It's so fun to celebrate each holiday with all the cute builder's creations!

snowman at dogglounge

snowman madness lol! at dogglounge

Sidda Leigh sent over a little invite for a chill house set at dogglounge. I always have a nice time here. Nice people, great music and dj's.

raftwet in MEB at dogglounge

raftwet in MEB fashions at dogglounge

Speaking of decorations, wait until you see the snowmen by the pool. OMG! I laughed so hard... kinda scary but every so funny!