Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peace, Love and Belief IV : Oct 3, 2010

Peace, Love and Belief IV, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Mankind Tracer


Peace, Love and Belief IV

October 3, 2010 on Sunday

12pm slt to ?

50 sims

The SL 50 sim media concert by Mankind Tracer

3 hours of live video concert

Be there!

More information at Second Friends

Brief Recap from previous Peace, Love and Belief IV (see link for original post)

"On October 3rd 12-3PM SLT Mankind Tracer will be holding the largest ever multi sim concert event in Second Life's history. The event is also confirmed to be featured in the SL Destination Guide!

Over the past few years, Mankind Tracer, SL's most recognized live performer, has held his Peace, Love & Belief Concerts, with the last PLB III on 34 different sims. During PLB III, Mankind played a few songs at each venue, jumping from sim to sim for over 6 hours straight. While this is still the recognized record for most simultaneous sims, Mankind will be going for 50 sims at Peace, Love & Belief IV.

The major difference this year is that PLB IV will be a Live Video Concert. The concert is planned to last for three straight hours. There will also be a live audio stream just in case residents don't have the ability to see video. Mankind will stream his live show across SL via the new "stage screen" and thus will not need to jump sims. This year, there will still be the Land Mark Board which, as with all previous PLB Events, will clearly display the names of all participating venues/sims and each will be clickable to their respective LM's."

Submitted by Mankind Tracer from Second Friends for THE A LIST!
All information is public record to be distributed.
Photo by Mankind Tracer PLB IV group & uploaded by RAFTWET Jewell.