Monday, September 7, 2009

clarice karu : live music

clarice karu : live music, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

clarice karu virtual world sec...

the star bar martini jazz club

clarice karu : star bar martin...

I stopped off at The Star Bar Martini Jazz Club to hear the beautiful voice of Clarice Karu.

rogue barzane : the star bar m...

I love her voice. I find myself singing along with her. She sings the classics... jazz and lounge from an all-star hit list from the past.

clarice karu performance

Romantic dancing at this open air venue is a beautiful place for a date with that loved one.

couples dancing at star bar ma...

UNION virtual world second life club

The British are coming!

trance club UNION

I found this club a bit a go one late night. A friendly club with a welcoming atmosphere. Union is a trance club.

UNION club second life

UNION party virtual world seco...

I am see DJ Pumakiz Bailey laying prone on the floor while DJ Arcangelo Hellmann is spinning a nice vocal trance set. Love it! Soothing, after a long day of building. Mmmmmm...

rafee at UNION

talim lilliehook : drain club

talim lilliehook : drain club, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

coggy nikolaidis : drain club

arnaud mureaux : drain club

Ahhh, back to the beginning... to Crack Monkey Cove, home of djxHalloween & Jasmine... old stomping grounds.

drain club on crack monkey cov...

drain club party virtual world...

Oh, I am checking out Talim Lilliehook and Coggy Nikolaidis' Drain Club. DJ Arnaud Mureaux was spinning a mash of minimal and metal and hiphop... yah, for real.

party at drain club

Drain club is home to a lot of my favorite dj's including Frederick Heberle & owner, Coggy himself.

drain club party

It's been a while since my last visit, but this morning, I hit that tp as soon as I got that notice from The A List! Woot!

rafee at drain club

xavi bandler at the point

xavi bandler at the point, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

xavi bandler at the point

xavi bandler : minimal tech

hase klaar and xavi bandler

clubbing all night long.

it's a holiday weekend.

izzzz ok.

xavi bandler...

dj of minimal tech.

good combination.

late night,

danse danse danse...

the point.

i see hase klaar, too...

and vientofresco oh.


rafee from the a list! at dj x...

shiny things ving boots

raftwet at dj xavi banlder par...

the point