Friday, July 10, 2009

N.JOY club : electro

N.JOY club : electro, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.


N.JOY Club

July 17, 2009 on Friday

12:00 PM slt

Your last electro experience...

moos hultcrantz

moos hultcrantz, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

kemmi, virgilia and osi at cod...

One of the nicest dj's and club owners is Moos Hultcrantz. He calls himself the old man. And because of his age and his wisdom, the young dj's and patrons flock to him and his club.

united beats party

He is a class act. He cares about the music and he cares about the artists. Today Moos is playing at the Vania sim for Code 415 club, part of the United Beats offerings of musical venues.

moos hultcrantz party at code ...

I saw a bunch of people there including Virgilia, Kemmi, Osi, Jade, Stefan, Ideal, Cagier, Yvonne and others. Moos Hultcrantz draws a great crowd.

rafee at code 415 for dj moos ...

indie rock dance floor

indie rock dance floor, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

space grelling at indie rock

Ooooo, my favorite indie dj Space Grelling has a new club! Indie Rock is a new club offering from this very popular alternative dj.

indie rock party

space grellings indie rock cl...

rafee at indie rock club party

Gold and gray are the colors matching the hot indie tunes that dj Space always brings forward. Today I start off with the Artic Monkeys... anything they play... I love! Woot!

dj space grelling party at ind...