Sunday, May 31, 2009

jen noel at club neptune

jen noel at club neptune, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Working under the ocean today made me think of Club Neptune. Jen Noel sent a shout out in The A List! for a jazz and Sting set at the club.

friends of club neptune

dj rabbit at club neptune

I caught the last few tunes by DJ Rabbit before Jen aka The Dealer started her set. Stayed for a bit until RL came calling, but just enough to chill out for a bit.

rafee, xavi at club neptune

tasty hax from radiant bliss

tasty hax from radiant bliss, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

tasty hax : radiant bliss : th...

raftwet jewell at truehouse

Fist time I went to Truehouse was with Mackenzie from Mack's Place. She was hosting here for a while.

rafee at truehouse party

Today, I got a shout from Miss Tasty Hax herself. Tasty owns Radiant Bliss group, a large promotion group dedicated to unity, music, dj's and events.

tasty hax at truehouse

Her spins of house music always have a jazzy feel and very sexy beats. The perfect setting for Truehouse Cafe, on the ocean and very chill in the outdoors.