Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dj luigy balhaus party at digital nation stadium

Ahhhh... Digital Francis creates another home run! This time he's created a huge stadium on the Fiteiro Cultural sim where art and music reigns strong.

DJ Luigy Balhaus was spinning house tunes with a bit of a Spanish influence. I had the Sine Wave dances going on doing a new dance for me called the Urbane.... lol!

The Digital Nationa Stadium is HUGE! and I mean really huge! The stadium is fit for major events and parties in Second Life. Ooooo, I can't wait to see this place filled to the max... well, the sim only holds... let's see now... 100 if we are lucky!

Congratulations to Digital Nation, Digital Francis and Millagrosa Vella for this outstanding contribution to the SL grid!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

pan tripsa as shaman zombie

pan tripsa as shaman zombie, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Dark Psy master and shaman, DJ Pan Tripsa lead the charge of creatures and zombies at Srivatsa today.

The forest was dark and forbidden as creatures and zombies entered the squealing noise of the dark psy. Experimental noises and sounds enveloped the forest as each creature danced to the tunes.

Several great dj's such as Veronika Sautaureau, Sofiax Nemeth, Arora Giha and Pan Tripsa spinned an awesome set of dark psy tunes.

Grendel's Children was out in force as most of us got our avi costumes there at one of the most popular retailers on the grid.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

stefan chrousch at black box final party

stefan chrousch, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

You know how you want something to go on forever? Well, that's how I felt about Black Box club on Vania sim.

A funky, distressed underground scene where every party felt like a special scene. Everyone was always here enjoying the tunes.

Tonight, I see everyone here! Stefan Chrousch, Yura Gazov, Prosperitus Nakamura, Emmily Cortes, djOsiris Darkstone, HeftyHoney Mighty, Lilian Howley, Seismo Glanz, Cagier Krugh, Jeena Pearl, Tommi Inshan, Longinus Fapp, Kemmi Kmachi, Pussy Nacht, Nurito Inshan, Ideal Flow, Thinker Moy and others.

The lag is incredible as more avis come tp'ing to salute this final night at Black Box. Thank you to the United Beats group for this awesome place!

Black Box is no more... and now the United Beats team will concentrate on their other signature clubs on the Vania sim.

The music continues! Never to end, never to stop! Woot!

networking 2.0 : the a list!

My angel is back and we are strategizing again. Spring is here with new opportunities and a new focus for The A List! network group.

Networking 2.0 is my buzz. That's what we are all doing! Join us in our efforts towards prosperity for the future of the Second Life grid!

The group joiner poster is available. Let us know where and when and we will send it to you.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

morex marx 3rd rezz day party


Omg, it's the 3rd rezz day for dj Morex Marx!

He's been the ultimate trance dj in Second Life all this time.
We are at Amsterdam Arena with the whole gang partying like crazy.

I see Bogomil Cortes, Mackenzie Koenkamp, Imagine Cazalet, Driver Razor and several other people!

So nice to see this avi happy and enjoying himself in SL as a dj and as a Second Life participant!

dj okin nishi : bassline island

Eon Republic sent a shout out in >BassLine Junkiez group today for a dj Okin Nishi party. The drum and bass was calling, so I headed over there.

Place was packed for a Thursday afternoon on the Second Life grid.

I saw quite a few friends there including djSven Newman, Squiggs Sands, Thox Canning and Destroy Aabye. Woot!

BassLine, djSven and Okin Nishi are all part of The A List! network.

Lefty's Home : zap hax : the a list

Big thanks goes to Zap Hax from Electro Smog and the New Berlin sims for sending an update on new clubs on the grid!

Lefty's Home is a cool place for those who appreciate the underground scene.

Distressed textures highlights this club build in a warehouse district. Vendors are on the walls selling distressed buildings. Very cool scene...

DJLeftydc Denja and HeftyHoney Mighty are presenting a new club called The Bunker and the Grand Opening is on April 27th, 2009 at 1:30pm to 5:30pm sl time.

Be there or pretend you went... 'cause you'll miss out on a cool happening and you don't want anyone to know you didn't make it... LOL!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

domina cave club in sunset springs

The King of hardstyle, dj IsitheDreamaker Teskat has opened a new cave grotto for Domina called SLDomina club.

Wow, waterfalls are flowing in the cave with natural textures and also with a little psy colors. The granite is an appropriate texture for the hard beats and hardstyle from this club.

Right above us is the Women's Fashions mall for all your fashion needs!

And, the best part? Xavier tp'ed in and surprised me! My angel is BACK!

DJ IsitheDreamaker can be found on youtube.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all about music

Several new music friends have joined our merry little group, The A List!. Music is alive and well in Second Life with networking numbers that far exceed most categories here.

For me, it has always been about the music. Not a genre, but pure music. The kind of music that touches your soul, your heart. The kind that sends you soaring into outer space or back to the little beach on the Pacific Ocean. The kind of music that gets your feet stomping and your body popping... all music.


bassline junkiez : djsven newm...

I can listen to Galaxy Girl and her symphonic psy trance or DJSven Newman rapping to DnB.

live vocals : live music : tra...

My heart swoons when I hear Trav McCullough sing those soaring notes with a touch of country.

live musician : hairy balbozar

And when I hear Hairy Balbozar, my body starts rocking.

dj particle aka emi halcali : ...

Emi Halcali aka DJ Particle can keep me both laughing and dancing to her tunes,

digital francis at rubik's
and then I get a very retro lesson from Digital Francis

djxHalloween Boa : house divaz...

or go totally sexy House with DJxHalloween Boa.

dark psy dj pan tripsa

And then there's Pan Tripsa who is all genres rolled into one... presented as Dark Psy. His compositions borrow from all genres until the darkness envelopes, and it becomes art.

promoter daemonchadeau of dera...

Daemon Chadeau creates the same way... borrowing from noise, industrial, metal, psy and more to create his play list... I am always wanting more, more, more from these two dj's.


Opera Joven's Brent Renard and his operatic voice brings me to a special place filled with surrealism as I am lifted with his musical choices of classical opera. Ahhh, the opera... musicians from every genre borrow from here.


Skyblue Swansong's classical renditions keeps me on edge as I wait for his every nuance at the black and white keys.


Then, there's Louis Volare aka Louis Landon who's original jazz piano composition is food for my soul.


Appreciating music is more than following a genre or crowd. Music is art and should be appreciated purely for its form, composition and execution... and how it makes you feel.

Johnny Mathis : Misty : France

raftwet in icing dress

NOTE from Rafee: ... been listening to some retro music (omg! Johnny Mathis is incredible)... retro fashions have brought me to this musical genre... and I've been seen in clothes that I would definitely say has a retro fashion feel. So reach back and listen to some of the greatest music and songs ever written...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Relay for Life : United Beats

American Cancer Society's Relay for Life has a major presence in Second Life. Almost every fundraiser, event or sim has had a connection to this organization. Raising funds in Second Life is a difficult endeavor. One that takes many alliances to form a cohesive network to create the events and to coordinate the many avies involved.

Relay for Life : United Forces...

Relay for Life information can be found on the internet and also in Second Life. The Vania sim and United Beats have created a synergy for this event called United Forces & Beats. They have coordinated not only the fundraiser for American Cancer Society, but have also coordinated an international set of dj's to provide music non-stop for the party itself.

Citizen Records/MS Recordings is also involved and will be recording an album for the event. Hello World Monosurround, United Beats and Relay for Life have made a committed effort to provide this fundraiser and event for the enjoyment of the Second Life citizens. Congratulations to all!

Artists :
Kemmi Kamachi - Netherlands
Ionic Benton - Luxemberg
Myla Vuckovic - Australia
Wiu Bing - United Kingdom
2ndthoughts Brando - Netherlands
Jesto Kormann - Luxemberg
Hern Wrosley - Scotland
Thinker Moy - Ireland
Stefan Chrousch - Germany
Flyandspace Boucher - France
Artec Amat - Germany
Morgan Kincess - France

Dress Code : pirates and sea creatures
Info : http://unitedforcesagainstcancer.blogspot.com
More Info : http://www.rflofsl.org

Groups : United Beats, Relay for Life, Hello World Monosurround

Congratulations to our The A List! group members Stefan, Martino, Yura & Prosperitus from the Vania Sim!