Thursday, June 11, 2009

baz and jakec at jakes club resort


Giggles... oh, Baz sent a shout out for Jake's Club Resort. Hmmm, seems that there is a "Undies" event. Hehehe...

jakes club resort party w dj s...

DJ Syriana Paine was spinning her disco beats making me soooo happy. And my angel, went wild in a tartan loin cloth and his red combat boots.

brady rowell at jakes club res...

I saw Jake's boys all decked out in their best undies... yummmy.

brady rowell photography

I did camera around to see Brady Rowell's photo gallery downstairs. Woot! Awesome pics! Check out the beautiful photos downstairs and enjoy the music, too!

xavier, raftwet at jakes club...

james isaak in virtual world

james isaak in virtual world, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

lily pad live music w/ james i...

To top off the Thursday evening with a classic Americana musician named James Isaak aka JamesIsaak Misfit in the virtual world of Second Life.

xavier, raftwet at lily pad

Americana is a conglomeration of all the music that came to the USA from Europe, Africa and South America and formed into this honest delivery of pure soulful music.

lily pad patrons

James is pure Americana! And, we are at the oldest live music venue on the grid... the sweet froggy place of the Lily Pad.

james isaak

clarice karu : live musician

clarice karu : live musician, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

clarice karu signage

One of the members of The A List! is the wonderful singer Trav McCullough. He recently introduced us to his soul mate, Clarice Karu.

couples dancing to clarice kar...

We stopped off to listen to her sing today. She is a beautiful singer of classic jazz music. Throaty and sexy, her voice reminds me of smoky lounges with a piano man tickling the black and white keys.

xavier, raftwet at clarice kar...

Go hear her the next time you see the name Clarice Karu... you won't regret it!

january lightfoot at electro smog

dj msLadyJewel Zsigmond at ele...

Oooo I saw New Berlin owner and founder, January Lightfoot at Electro Smog. Zap Hax wasn't here tonight, but I always try to catch his set over at this favorite underground club.

arnold at electro smog

electro smog party at new berl...

The ladies were out in force dancing to the cool beats by dj MsLadyJewel Zsigmond. She was featuring a "Lady Party Night" at the New Berlin underground club, Electro Smog.

rafee at electro smog

rafee at domina disco party

rafee at domina disco party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

pete westminster and friends

Thursday is the doorway to the weekend! LOL! I dropped off for a bit to visit IsitheDreamaker at his Domina Disco Club. A party was in full swing when I got there!

domina sl disco club

DJ Pete Westminster aka Barbarick, was there going hardstyle with the pounding beats. So fun to see Isi's The A List! group joiner in the Domina! Hugz to Isi for his awesome support!

sl domina disco club party