Sunday, January 3, 2010

cataplexia numbers at the savoy jazz club

Sunday evening and the holidays are finally over. I am actually looking forward to having a regular week of work coming up! LOL!

the savoy jazz club dance floor

cataplexia numbers party at the savoy jazz club

the savoy jazz club in second life

So tonight, we are at The Savoy Jazz Club dancing to dj Cataplexia Numbers set of contemporary jazz mixed in with jazz oldies done by newer artists.

teeple linden at the savoy jazz club

teeple linden in second life

Her catalogue is sophisticated and she shares her knowledge of the music readily. A beautiful setting, great music and I am finally relaxed after a most hectic celebratory season!

raftwet, xavier at the savoy jazz club

raftwet, xavier in second life

Happy New Year! 2010 omg! Woot!