Tuesday, January 26, 2010

l'immortel club party

l'immortel club party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

angelinium parx at l'immortel

angelinium parx in second life virtual world

Salut! Salut! and here we are at dj angelinium Parx party at L'Immortel club.

party at l'immortel club

dance floor at l'immortel club

Set in a pyramid above the grid, the club L'Immortel has a beautiful jewel-like colored dance floor surrounded by tropical plants.

angelinium, lilylyla at l'immortel club

dj's angelinium and lilylyla at l'immortel

DJ angelinium Parx was dancing with another dj Lilylyla Sawson. A nice group of people with a friendly welcome that made us feel right at home.

xavier, raftwet in second life

xavier, raftwet at angelinium parx party at l'immortel

A great electro set was spinning from the deft hands of dj angelinium, so we ended up staying a lot longer than we planned. Woot!

the london warehouse party

the london warehouse party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj pete westminster aka barbarick

pete westminster aka barbarick

I first met dj Pete Westminster as dj Barbarick at Dance Island. He was a hard trance dj at the time. Riveting and pounding, I used to try to catch his sets late at night.

the london warehouse

the london warehouse club in second life

A few months later, and now, Pete has his own club called The London Warehouse where you can find him dj'ing all kinds of music.

raftwet jewell in second life

raftwet at the london warehouse

The other day, I came to hear him do an indie set and on another day it was pure electro. Now, today he is doing a wild mix of dub and DnB. Pete can spin anything and he shows his different moods with every set. Woot!

alienspeaking at murrumbidgee

alienspeaking at murrumbidgee, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

party for alienspeaking 3 year anniversary


alienspeaking zsigmond in second life

Three years... three year anniversary for alienspeaking. They have been here that long spinning parties for the grid.

alienspeaking mixing tunes

raftwet, xavier & mason at alienspeaking party

raintears, raftwet, xavier at 3 year anniversary party for alienspeaking

In their own words, "...Welcome to alienspeaking HQ. The alienstream happens every Friday when four aliens get together (and the fifth sometimes joins in live over the Internet) to scratch and spin, freestyle, shout out and make general hip hop electro breaks noise, LIVE from Outer Rim Studios in Canberra Australia.

Join the growing alien crew here for our Friday 2AM PST party, bring your dancin' shoes and a good attitude and get down with like minded aliens.

On stage is a replica of what we use during our live sets in the studio.  All the objects (except the chair and table) here were hand built by the aliens, from 100% Australian electrons :)

Enjoy yourself, go easy on the sex stuff, no violence, take off your weapons, the aliens come in peace and so should you.

For more info check the website: www.alienspeaking.com"

alienspeaking 3 year anniversary

alienspeaking 3 year anniversary party

raftwet at alienspeaking party

mr widget in second life

Mr Widget showed up, too! He even ended his set to come celebrate with alienspeaking's third year anniversary. Now, that's a gracious dj to honor another colleague's event.

And the fans are tp'ing in for the mash... 3 year anniversary party tonight! Woot!
slurl.com/secondlife/Murrumbidgee/51/100/77 (Take the tp 4 tunes)