Thursday, August 6, 2009

live music at cocoa beach

live music at cocoa beach, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

What a whirlwind today! So much going on ... no time to be bored! We end our night at Cocoa Beach Music Mansion to hear the beautiful vocals of Trav McCullough.

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xavier, raftwet of the a list ...

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His passionate delivery was matched by the beautiful decor at the mansion. Both of us sat at a table listening to his beautiful music and then after resting a bit, we started dancing... such a beautiful night.

cocoa beach sim

dj jen noel aka the dealer

dj jen noel aka the dealer, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

parvana on parvana isle

jen noel belly dancing

After the hot tip we got from Jen Noel about TD Andel, we just had to go hang with her at her club Parvana.

the dealer is jen noel

Jen is also known on the grid as The Dealer, a dj who spins exotic belly dancing music along with jazz, blues and a mash of latin music. She spins an eclectic mix that always surprises and delights.

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belly dancing at parvana

A lot of avis came in full silks... gotta get a set for myself so I can join in! So fun!

jen noel party at parvana

tb andel : live music

tb andel : live music, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Electric ukelele... yes, so beautiful and exotic. The sound was light and brought such a smile to my face. And the more serious tunes had a soulful sound that was a joy to hear.

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TB Andel is a real life musician who was recently reviewed by Examiner blogger, Jen Harvey. Jen is also in Second Life and reviews music for the insider source for everything local and national.

rafee, xavier at paisley park

Thank you Jen! For an awesome heads up on this artist.

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mimi juneau from mimi's choice

promotional tie-in with scoutl...

Ooo, la la! Models galore and beautiful clothes to see... and to top it off dj Sonny Chevalier spinning the tunes!

Mimis Choice fashion

dj sonny chevalier at scoutlou...

Scoutlounge over on Swiss Media sim has hit a homerun with a major promotional tie-in with 4 major groups: 1) Mimi's Choice 2) Jador Fashion 3) every major network group, including The A List! and 4) their own club.


dj sonny chevalier on deck at ...

The place has been packed all week. Models strutting their stuff and the beautiful fashions from Mimi's Choice... now that's networking!

the a list at scoutlounge