Saturday, December 26, 2009

space grelling at alt7 in second life

I can barely move after that Christmas dinner last night. Dancing will help burn these extra calories. I need happy tunes today after the long holiday cheer.

alt7 dj space grelling

alt7 party i second life

alt7 alternative indie music

Space Grelling sent out a shout for an alternative indie music set at alt7. Ooooo, perfect timing! Whoosh, off I went to hear Space's set.

raftwet at space grelling party second life

rafee at alt7 party for dj space grelling

raftwet at alt7 in second life

I saw Harriet and Space dancing together while he played his set... I think I will stay for a while... to the end! Uhhh... maybe another piece of pie! LOL! Woot!

night harrop in second life

night harrop in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

night harrop of haad rin-koh phangan moon party

night harrop at haad rin

I am stuffed with Christmas holiday food. I will be rolling for days on the food I ate the last two days. Burp.

party people at haad rin party

haad rin party people

vivoo, parsifal at haad rin

vivoo, parsifal in second life

Time to dance the calories away! Night Harrop sent a shout for an after Christmas party over on HAAD RIN-Koh PhaNgaN... Moon party had started!

rafee at haad rin party

raftwet jewell in second life

raftwet at haad rin in second life

raftwet in virtual world at haad rin

Tribal, island beats were pounding with a full house of avatars dancing the holiday goodies off our bodies. Giggles... what better way to celebrate the end of the year!?! Woot!