Saturday, March 6, 2010

trav mccullough at cocoa beach

trav mccullough at cocoa beach, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

trav mccullough at cocoa beach

trav mccullough

cocoa beach
A romantic weekend is spent listening to beautiful music and visiting beautiful places.
  Cocoa Beach is a welcome respite from the hectic weekend. DawnRyder Wycliffe, co-owner of the region was also there welcoming everyone there.

dawnryder wycliffe at cocoa beach

cocoa beach's dawnryder wycliffe
Trav McCullough is singing tonight and we are dancing in their outdoor ballroom looking over at the ocean and waterfalls on the region.

cocoa beach waterfalls in second life

cocoa beach in second life

And, I am melting into the voice of Trav while my angel takes me in his arms and dances the night away.

rafee, xavi at cocoa beach

raftwet, xavier at cocoa beach

raftwet, xavier at trav mccullough concert

eifachfilm vacirca from d-o-o-b

eifachfilm vacirca from d-o-o-b, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj eifachfilm vacirca party

eifachfilm vacirca party at le diams

A beautiful Saturday afternoon today... a perfect March day and a shout came from THE A LIST! for dj Eifachfilm Vacirca. He was spinning at Le Diam's Nightclub!

le diams nightclub party

party at le diams nightclub

His sets are fun with lots of indie music and electro tunes mixed in. I put on a nice spring dress of peonies and a floral design.

dancing w/ dj eifachfilm party

eifachfilm, raftwet at le diams nightclub

I think spring is finally here. Woot!