Thursday, April 23, 2009

morex marx 3rd rezz day party


Omg, it's the 3rd rezz day for dj Morex Marx!

He's been the ultimate trance dj in Second Life all this time.
We are at Amsterdam Arena with the whole gang partying like crazy.

I see Bogomil Cortes, Mackenzie Koenkamp, Imagine Cazalet, Driver Razor and several other people!

So nice to see this avi happy and enjoying himself in SL as a dj and as a Second Life participant!

dj okin nishi : bassline island

Eon Republic sent a shout out in >BassLine Junkiez group today for a dj Okin Nishi party. The drum and bass was calling, so I headed over there.

Place was packed for a Thursday afternoon on the Second Life grid.

I saw quite a few friends there including djSven Newman, Squiggs Sands, Thox Canning and Destroy Aabye. Woot!

BassLine, djSven and Okin Nishi are all part of The A List! network.

Lefty's Home : zap hax : the a list

Big thanks goes to Zap Hax from Electro Smog and the New Berlin sims for sending an update on new clubs on the grid!

Lefty's Home is a cool place for those who appreciate the underground scene.

Distressed textures highlights this club build in a warehouse district. Vendors are on the walls selling distressed buildings. Very cool scene...

DJLeftydc Denja and HeftyHoney Mighty are presenting a new club called The Bunker and the Grand Opening is on April 27th, 2009 at 1:30pm to 5:30pm sl time.

Be there or pretend you went... 'cause you'll miss out on a cool happening and you don't want anyone to know you didn't make it... LOL!