Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jake's Club Events presents dj Syriana at Grease party

dj syriana at Grease party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Brodie and Jakey at Grease Party

GREASE! in Second Life

Saturday night and Brady sends a shout for a GREASE themed party presented by JakeC Hotshot and Jake's Club Events.

party people at Grease themed party at Jake's

brady rowell, photographer in second life 

xavier, raftwet, brodie & jakey at jake's Grease party
Jakey always has fun-filled parties for his guests. With dj Syriana Paine spinning, his friends know that the party starts right when you rezz-in.

xavier, raftwet at dj Syriana party for Jakey's Grease!

Everyone was in 50's attire, so I had a lot of fun camera-ing around snapping pics of pompadours and bad boy jackets. LOL! 

craig lyons at the shed

craig lyons at the shed, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

craig lyon concert in second life

craiglyons writer poster in second life


Los Angeles, California
Environmentalist and Musician of Original Compositions

I can not emphasis more the fact that incredibly talented musicians are in this virtual world called Second Life. I am constantly in awe. Today, I stopped off at Australian "The Shed" for a live concert given by Craig Lyons aka CraigLyons Writer.

aussie The Shed in Second Life

craig lyons concert at the shed

raftwet jewell at craig lyon concert

Craig resides in Los Angeles, California composing original music and produces his own music. He gives concerts around the grid for pleasure, fundraising and raising awareness for the environmental community. He is an artist with heart and grace. Listen and you will hear his gentle passion.

Thank you Craig for your wonderful musical poetry!

All photos by raftwet jewell and uploaded to flickr for THE A LIST! blog.

indie rock and roll radio at alt7

indie rock and roll radio at alt7, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

space grelling spinning at alt7

harriet westbrook at alt7

posters at alt7

dj schedule at alt7

DJ Space plays! 
The best of Indie Rock at alt7!

SAT 4PM-6PM PDT: List of Music

Underworld, Husker Du, Sisters of Mercy, Tonic, Ween, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, Noel Gallagher, Pavement, Smiths, National, Peter Murphy, Violens, Frankie & Heartstrings, Wilco, Pedro the Lion, Editors, Ian McCulloch, Primal Scream, Radiohead, Killers, Goldheart Assembly, Land of Talk, Throwing Muses, Still Corners, Sugarcubes, Pretenders, Foo Fighters, Local Natives, Midlake, and Keane.

alt7 : Location: Pomponio (28,81,71)

alt7 : alternative, indie music

alt7 in second life for indie, alternative music

space grelling at alt7

raftwet jewell at alt7 for space grelling party