Saturday, July 31, 2010

daemonchadeau nemeth at derailed

daemonchadeau nemeth at derailed, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

daemonchadeau in second life

I was posting in FaceBook and Twitter when the noises started in my head. So much to do, so many posts...

derailed dj daemonchadeau

I needed to quiet that chaotic stream. Then... Daemonchadeau Nemeth sent out a shout for DeRailed. Yes! Noise... noize was the cure.

derailed monday grind

derailed fans in second life

The music fills my head with an order of purpose much like classical music. The complex noises and layers make my mind focus and a calm settles over me.

raftwet jewell at derailed for daemonchadeau party

I smile broadly.

You can find Daemon on FaceBook and MySpace.