Saturday, August 29, 2009

tone uriza from second life

tone uriza from second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

virgils cafe second life

tone uriza blues man

Ahhh, I see the shout coming in The A List! notices... and the pounding beats from Teknival had me vibrating.

virgils music cafe virtual wo...

I needed a bit of a chill, so I took that tp to Virgil's Music Cafe to go hear Tone Uriza, the bluesman. He was strumming and picking that guitar and singing with that raspy voice of a seasoned blues singer.

tone uriza performance at virg...

Gawd, I love music. All of it. I can go from hardstyle trance to the 3-chord progression of the blues. There is nothing better than music to get the body moving, peeps... nothing!

virgils music cafe

teknival : fuem stage

teknival : fuem stage, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Place Vendome
aug 28, 29, 30, 2009

teknival aug 2009

teknival art : fuem stage

pan tripsa at teknival psytran...

After a hard crash, the Teknival sim came back alive. As each of us made our way back in, I noticed a shout had come in for dj Pan Tripsa at the Psytrance stage. Gotta goooooo!

dark psy group : pan tripsa

dj pan tripsa party at tekniva...

teknival dj pan tripsa party

Pan, the dark psy master was spinning and the place was live with his music. He started the set with brand new tunes never heard before until today.

barbs kurka at psytrance stage...

Later, Barbs Kurka took the stage after another dj had crashed. Barbs kept the dark psy going as each of us kept dancing around the shrooms and colorful decorations.

dj barbs kurka at teknival

I also went to the Foem stage where the entire stage was a beautiful sculpture of flowers. Sooooo pretty! I loved this stage the best with the giant flowers in a rainbow of colors.

flower sculpture at teknival f...

teknival art : flower sculptur...

Teknival is always such fun. Everyone coming together with the sole agenda of bringing the music to the grid. Bravo to the creators and event planners for this weekend festival! Woot!

rafee, barbs at teknival psytr...

teknival shrooms

Teknival Aug 2009

Teknival Aug 2009, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

August 28 through 30th of 2009
Place Vendome (sim)
(5) Venues

Update: It's officially a success! Sim crashed about 2pm on Aug 29th! Woot!

Teknival is alive again! The start was a bit rocky as the Teknival crew scrambled for last minute changes and building projects.

raftwet at teknival

And yet, Teknival continues... the music goes on. And, the promoters and event makers bring it to us in full glory!

sao tokyoska at teknival : dom...

I stopped off yesterday at the Domina venue to hear dj Sao Tokyoska. Lag was quite bad as I barely could take a picture of anything.

shad raffke : HallucinoGirl

Then I stopped to hear dj Shad Raffke, HallucinoGirl at the psytrance venue. At least, I could see her! Gray blogs reigned supreme...

psytrance at teknival


Today, I'm at BassLine venue hanging with the junkiez. DJ QwarkZ Kawashima was doing the honors. Outlined in lime green, QwarkZ is just an outline... very surreal.

bassline : eon republic

Eon Republic was greeting everyone along with hostess Chantell Mumfuzz. Ahhh, just like old times... the beats go on!

teknival : finally it rezzed!

sl domina at teknival

Big thanks goes to dj ISItheDreamaker Teskat for all his efforts and help on this year's Teknival!

teknival : aug 28, 29 & 30, 20...