Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Substance in the Hollow Earth

Substance in the Hollow Earth, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj Kirin Serevi at Substance

Substance signage at Hollow Earth Barony

Substance, New Build
Opening Party - Sunday October 3rd from 7-10PM SLT

7-9PM SLT DJ Kirin will be mixing a set of  Deep House and Vocal Trance

9-10PM SLT MoShang Zhao "The Sound Jeweler" Will be performing  a live set of "Chinese Chill."

The Build is open Now so feel free to visit and explore!

Substance has been a place to dance, relax and experience the unique for almost 2 years.
Substance is moving from the mainland to a new location set  deep within Tekeli-li's  Showcase Sim the Hollow Earth Barony.
Substance features Live Electronica Musicians, Live Mixing DJ's and other amazing performers.

Substance entrance area

crystals teleport for exploration

Information submitted by Kirin Serevi of Substance in the Hollow Earth.

Photos by RAFTWET Jewell.

Monday, September 27, 2010

MachinimUWA II : Art of the Artists

UWA - The University of Western Australia

45 entries from around the world were received for the MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists challenge which asked machinimatographers to capture and honour the artworks in the UWA 3D Art and Design Challenge. Winners of this challenge will be announced together with the winners of the Grand Finale of the UWA 3D Art and Design Challenge from 6am slt, Sunday 10th October at the 4-SIM, 200 seater UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre. ALL entries are linked below, and on the website provided. Do take part in the AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION EVENT described below, where YOU can share in a L$5,000 prize.

Date and Time: 6am SLT, Sunday, 10th October 2010
Location: UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre (200 Seater) 􀀂
Guest Speaker of Honour: Lumiere Noir (creator of the legendary Ivory Tower Library of Primitives)
Star Performer: Mommaluv Skytower

Deadline Midnight SLT 7th October
L$5,000 has been set aside for SL residents and viewers who take part in a special participation event. We are asking all the residents of SL to give us your TOP 8 machinima, in order of your preference.

The 3 residents whose order comes closest to the final order decided by the judging panel (see end of NC for names of panel members), will win for themselves L$2,500, L$1,500 & L$1,000 respectively. The winner will be invited to be on the panel for MachinimUWA III.

Method of entry - List your top 8 in order of preference on a NC, and send to White Lebed and/or Jayjay Zifanwe. Please title the NC - MachinimUWA Audience Selection (your name)


LASLOPANTOMIK YAO (Barcelona, Spain) - City of Art & City of Art II

PIA KLAAR (Brewster, Massachusetts, USA) - Art of the Artists: A Closer Look

ED VESPUCCIANO (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) - Lessons in Democracy

BRADLEY DORCHESTER (Perth, Australia) - Art of the Artists

LAURINA HAWKS (Ulm, Germany) - UWA Art of the Artists : No Tomb for the Arts

GLASZ DE CUIR (San Sebastian, Spain) - MachinimUWA II: Art Theft done in Second Life (High Definition Version)

YESIKITA COPPOLA (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) - Inspiracion

L1AURA LOIRE (Boston, USA) - CLICK, Immersive & Interactive Virtual Art

TUTSY NAVARATHNA (Frenchman in Pondicherry, India) - An Art Form is Born & Gladiator

LARKWORTHY ANTFARM (Tacoma, Washington, USA) - Freedom

ARCHIVIST LLEWELLYN (Lima, Ohio, USA) - Biological R/Evolutions

FUSCHIA NIGHTFIRE (Poole, Dorset, UK) - Adventures of a Cyborg Part II & Moonlit Heath

SPYVSPY AEON (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) - I Am Not A Robot

BRYN OH (Toronto, Canada) - Art of the Artists

MEGAN MERLIN (Bavaria, Germany) - Wichtels Fantasy Fly

RYSAN FALL (Enfield,Connecticut, USA) - MachinimUWA, Art of the Artist

SUZY YUE (Sunnyvale, California, USA) - Across A Crowded Room

MISSY RESTLESS (Santa Cruz, California, USA) - Yearning for the Sea & Quantum Matrix

FAKE JEWELL (Cheshire, United Kingdom) - Song of Medusa

PENUMBRA CARTER (Rural Midwest, USA) - University of Western Australia

AIDAN WITRIAL (Munich, Germany) - MachinimUWA II : Art of the Artists & Shibas Dream

APMEL GOOSSON (Stockholm, Sweden) - ROBOT - The Visit

CHANTAL HARVEY (Maastricht, Holland) - Arts of Both Worlds

NICOLEX MOONWALL (New Orleans, USA) - Silken Vortex, Frames, Balloons, Holophrasis, Kunst Der Fugue & two additional tributes to Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

KAFKA MOODY (New York, USA) - Aphrodite Visits

EIFACHFILM VARCIRCA (Zurich, Switzerland) - The Abyss, Natural Energy, The Sandman & The Deep

MINDBLIND SETSUKO (Bologna, Italy) - Escape from the Art Gallery

ROHAN FERMI  (Stuttgart, Germany) - Order in Chaos

HYPATIA PICKENS (Rochester, New York, USA) - Hyperreal

ABDULLAH YAZIMOTO (France) - Untitled (September the 18th 1984)

FRIDAY SIAMENDES (Calabasas,  California, USA) - Virtual Vaccuum

THEME OF MACHINIMUWA II - Art of the Artists: Create something that will take our breath away

Create a Machinima of between 2 and 5 minutes in length (recommendations only - is not a criteria) that features some of the winning artworks from the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge. There are more than 35 artworks spread across 4 floors, and you can choose to film  as many (or as few) as you like. You can view the artworks at the following location and vote for your favourite artworks & building designs.

 1. Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
2.  Dr Carmen Fies (RL) - Second Life Lead: University of Texas San Antonio
3. quadrapop Lane (SL) - Curator of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
4. White Lebed (SL) - Lead of Burning Life Art Department, Curator
5. Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art& Design Challenge
6. Iono Allen (SL) - Official Machinimatographer of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
7. Cisko Vandeverre (SL) - Reigning UWA MachinimUWA Champion
8. Dr Kim Flintoff (RL) - Lecturer, Instructional Design, Centre for eLearning, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
9.  LividEye Yoshikawa (SL) / John Yap (RL) - Senior Media Producer, National University of Singapore
10. Michelle Glaser (RL) - Senior Project Officer, Department of Culture and Arts, Government of Western Australia
11. Ian Booth (RL) - Chief Executive Officer, Screen West, Western Australia
12. Raphaella Nightfire (SL) - Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery (SL)

PRIZE POOL: L$200,000
1st Prize $L70,000
2nd Prize $L50,000
3rd Prize $L30,000
5 Honourable Menton prizes @ L$10,000

 With thanks to LaPiscean Liberty, Taralyn Gravois, quadrapop Lane and Bohemian Ghost

Submitted by JayJay Zifanwe of UWA - University of Western Australia for THE A LIST! blog.
Blog editor and Logo/poster uploaded by RAFTWET Jewell.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

CvC Criss party at Sounds.Gravis.Beach

CvC Criss party at Sounds.Gravis.Beach, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Sounds.Gravis.Beach in Second Life

DJ CvC Criss at SGB (Sounds Gravis Beach)

SGB dj booth

Smooth, sexy house music was spinning over at Sounds.Gravis.Beach, by real life Brazilian dj CvC Criss. Sooo, chill and put me in a relaxed mood at beach side.

party at SGB with dj CvC Criss

entrance to Sounds.Gravis.Beach

SGB is a beautiful club with so many great dj's that you could probably hang here all day long. Check out the incredible dj wall of photos to get an understanding about how many dj's spin here.


Sounds.Gravis.Beach : climbing the stairs to the club

I am swaying and bumping to the music as I write this post! Mmmmmmm that saxophone and percussion.... niceeeeee!

raftwet at Sounds Gravis Beach party

raftwet jewell at Sounds.Gravis.Beach

Drama note: Speaking of "bumping" lol, I am getting bumped a lot at the clubs. My new rule is this; you bump, I block. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

jake and baz at jakes club resort

jake and baz at jakes club resort, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

JakeC Hotshot of Jakes Club Resort

Jake and Baz at Japan party

A gorgeous Japanese-themed setting was built over at Jakes Club Resort. Climbing the wooden stairs through the door and suddenly the world changes to Japan.

party bois at Jakes Club Resort

Jakes Club Resort Japan party

A beautiful stream with Koi fish and a temple graced the background. We walked over the bridge into a Japanese wonder.

godzilla at Jakes Club Resort

godzilla dancing at jakes club resort

godzilla? where's mothra?

Godzilla made an appearance without Mothra, but that overgrown lizard sure could dance! LOL!

THE A LIST! at Jakes Club Resort

the a list! at Jakes Club Resort

raftwet jewell at Jakes Club Resort

Everyone was in kimonos! What a great party! A beautiful Saturday night in Second LIfe with good music and fun spirits! Woot! Thank you Jake and Baz!

xavier and raftwet at Jakes Club Resort

Social Network of Jakes Club Resort

Thursday, September 23, 2010


THE FOLLOW WORLD TOUR, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



World Tour in a Day

Sept 24 / Friday

all times in SLT
5am : ned's aussie pub
1pm : eiffel tower
3pm : lisbon events plaza
6pm : warung beats
9pm : eccentricity

Artist Management:
Space 380

Public Relations:
Kalli Birman

Jenna Dirval

LimeCoral Apparel Company


More Information about this World Tour:

THE FOLLOW - WORLD TOUR IN A DAY 2 powered by LimeCoral
Friday, September 24, 2010

The Follow in SL is:

Troy Shoreland - Vocals/Guitar
AJ Darkwatch - Bass/Vocals/Samples
Powers Avon - Drums/Samples


The Follow will be holding their second World Tour In A Day powered by LimeCoral on September 24, 2010. Through the virtual world of Second Life this band from Columbia, MO will be able to continue their efforts of having an eco-friendly tour. The Follow's tour, kicking off in Australia at 5am PDT, has them traveling around the world, stopping in five countries and coming back home to the USA for their final show at 9pm PDT. There will also be real life venues across the world that will be hosting the live concert via video.

Influenced by U2, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, The Follow have enjoyed sharing stages with various artists such as Plain White T’s, Billy Corgan’s Zwan, & Gravity Kills. With six albums, one DVD, and hundreds of live performances, The Follow received airplay on college and commercial radio across North America while supporting the releases by touring in the United States and Europe.

The Follow entered the virtual world of Second Life (SL) in 2009 as way to continue touring in a more globally conscious way. The band members drive a Honda Insight hybrid to the broadcast location, they use energy-efficient LED lights for their show environment, and most distribution to national and international radio & press is accomplished digitally eliminating plastic CDs, paper envelops, and transportation resources.

The Follow have partnered with LimeCoral Apparel Company, a Pura Vida surf wear brand based out of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Their commitment to create an environment conscious product has inspired the creativity of the product line while infusing it with their “Powered by Green” philosophies of an eco-aware business.  The "Powered by Green" philosophy relates to awareness of the earth we live in and the opportunity for progressive and positive change in all aspects of life.

The driving force behind the band is their friendship and the spiritual connection that they have with the music. The Follow grabs your heart and your soul. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they shout with you, they rock with you! With the help of technology, they are bringing their passion to the entire world while also trying to protect it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ned's Aussie Pub (5AM PDT) Australia

Eiffel Tower in Paris (1PM PDT) France

Lisbon Events Plaza (3PM PDT) Portugal

Warung Beats (6PM PDT) Brazil

Eccentricity (9PM PDT) United States of America

Resources for The Follow:


Second Life PR Contact:
Kalli Birman -

Second Life Booking:
Jenna Dirval -

Artist Management:
Space 380 -

LimeCoral Apparel Company - "Powered by Green"

Poster, banner and information submitted by Kalli Birman for THE A LIST!
Photo upload and blog editing by RAFTWET Jewell

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

arimo teixeira live music in second life

arimo teixeira live music in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Arimo Teixeira Live Music at Sherie's Gaslight

arimo teixeira in second life virtual world

Wednesday on the grid and we are looking forward to the weekend already!

sherie's gaslight for live music in second life

Sherie's Gaslight offers many of our favorite live music performers and usually has many late night concerts.

xavier and raftwet at sherie's gaslight

xavier and raftwet in second life

Arimo Teixeira is a real life musician streaming in Second Life. His soulful, folkie blues with a nod to flamenco guitar defines his roots, Mario Metsovaara Torrez can be heard on his own website that offers his calendar of performance dates.

LeeZu's Makeover Madness Contest

LeeZu's Makeover Madness Contest, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



Makeover Madness Contest

September 21 - October 4, 2010

Details and Rules:

NOTE ** This contest is open to both male and female avatars. In the event a male wins, they may gift the skins from LionSkins to a female friend. All other prizes remain the same.

What's more fun in SL than shopping?  Well, for one thing, shopping for a makeover!  Have you grown tired of your look? Want something new and exciting?  Well, have we got a deal for you!

LeeZu! is hosting a makeover contest.  Show us your worst look and convince us that you need a makeover desperately.  Need new hair? Skin? Clothes? Shoes? Shapes? Eyes?  LeeZu Baxter, owner of [LeeZu!] Couture clothing, in cooperation with Music Hyun, owner of *p_OO_f*, professional makeover consultant, Serenity Mercier, owner of the popular Ananke Media Systems which brings you PhotoStage, and Lion Jonesford of LionSkins, maker of quality skins in SL, is ready to give you the makeover of your life!   And all you have to do is show us that you need one.

Take a photo of yourself, the less flattering the better, and submit it to us along with a short paragraph telling us why you deserve a complete makeover.


All photos must be square format, either 512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024.  Any photos submitted that are any other size will be automatically disqualified.

Post processing is permitted but should not alter the essential avatar appearance.  No morphs!

One submission per avatar. If you have an alt that you want to enter, that is permitted, but the entry must be submitted under the alt's name.


Create a Folder called "LeeZu! Makeover - Your Name" and include a notecard telling us why you need a  makeover. Maybe you had a bad hairday, or got caught in a tornado.  Just have fun with it.

Take a snapshot of yourself at your worst. Think 'opposite of glamour shots'.  Include the photo in the folder "FULL PERMS" and name the photo "Help Me - Your Name". Remember.. all photos MUST be square.. either 512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024.

Submit the folder which should include a notecard and a photo to Barbara Nicholls. All submissions will be judged by LeeZu! management and the person needing a makeover the most will win the grand prize.


L$20,000 Cash from LeeZu! to finance your Makeover Shopping Needs

􀀁 [LeeZu!] Flagship Store :


Free Makeover Consultation with Music Hyun, *p_OO_f* Professional Makeover Consultant .. up to four hours with a talented consultant who will help you find the perfect look to match your personality.
(L$10,000 Value)

􀀀 *p O O f* Makeover Consulting Kiosk :

Complete Photo Package from AMS including: PhotoSpin, PhotoStage, PhotoLite, PhotoStand and PhotoPro Add-Ons
(L$ 9,780 Value)

􀀂 AMS @ Lady Vale :

Five skins of your choice from LionSkin's new Zora Collection.

􀀃 LionSkins-Mainstore :
(L$5,000 Value)


So, put in your curlers (and leave them in), scrub off that makeup, dig out your fuzzy slippers and smile.  One entry per Avatar and Alts welcome to enter.

**Note: If your alt wins, the alt receives the makeover. You cannot transfer the prizes.

Poster submitted by Music Hyun in behalf of Poof
 for THE A LIST! blog.
Poster from LeeZu! and associates; uploaded by RAFTWET Jewell to

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CQ Bravin : Colorful Quiet

CQ Bravin : Colorful Quiet, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

CQ BRAVIN at Key West Resort

Key West Resort in Second Life

liz harley of Key West Resort

CQ Bravin is on the grid singing live music. An indie/folk artist with a real life project called "The Colorful Quiet."

His song "Fly Away" can be heard in the feature film "Breaking Point" starring Tom Berenger and Busta Rhymes.

More info :
Location : Key West Resort and Marina


From Liz Harley of Key West Resort and Marina says, 

"CQ Bravin is the SL counterpart of The Colorful Quiet, a RL indie/folk project by Stephen Webster.  Since 2006 he has released 6 full-length albums and an EP, and is currently finishing a Covers Project due out mid-September 2010.  His song "Fly Away" can be heard in the feature film "Breaking Point" starring Tom Berenger and Busta Rhymes.

Influences include Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Beck, Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Neil Halstead, Sun Kil Moon, Wilco, The Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M."

raftwet jewell at Key West Resort during Fashion Week

raftwet at Key West Resort for CQ Bravin concert

Submitted by Liz Harley of Key West Resort and Marina for CQ Bravin for THE A LIST! blog.
Photos by RAFTWET Jewell on flickr.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Sept 18th to Sept 24th

Press Release : BOSL
Event: Fashion Week
Duration: Sept 18 - 24th

BOSL - Fashion Week 2010


Boulevard Agency is proud to announce BOSL FASHION WEEK 2010 from SEPTEMBER the 18th to September the 24th 2010.




SATURDAY THE 18TH - MILKY HOUSE - 6 PM SLT - Japanese Kimonos at their best!

􀀄 INSILICO - WEST, INSILICO WEST (135, 224, 3738)


SUNDAY THE 19TH - HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION - 11 AM SLT - Some of the best designers in SL showcase their finest couture gowns.

􀀅 Chateau de Versailles - Parterre, Chateau de Versailles (200,176, 40)


MONDAY THE 20TH - URBAN COLLECTION - 4 PM SLT  - The streets of Second Life won't ever look the same!



TUESDAY THE 21ST: MEA CULPA  - 4 PM SLT - Fantasy Couture in a glamorous setting.

􀀆 WELCOME TO LA CIUDAD!!, Mexico Distrito Federal (153, 132, 17)


WEDNESDAY THE 22ND: VINTAGE COLLECTION - 4 PM SLT - All the splendor of the 20's in a renewed environment.




􀀈 American Graffitti Fashion Show Landmark


FRIDAY THE 24TH: TRIBUTE TO YVES SAINT LAURENT - 6 PM SLT - We close this year's fashion week with a tribute to the master YVES SAINT LAURENT - NOT TO BE MISSED.

􀀇 Boulevard Agency - Model Management


Stages will be built by Architects Patch Thibaud, Mr. Mike Denneny and Miss Nardya Rousselot.




Models: Kay Fairey, Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, Kyrie Source, Wicca Merlin and dancer Dallagio.

Photographers: Mina Pelazzi and Kyrie Source.

2010 Fashion Week - BOSL

Submitted by BOSL of Fashion Week 2010 for THE A LIST! blog.
All information and photos are public release and posted by RAFTWET Jewell.

Friday, September 17, 2010

brick house founded in 2008 in second life

brick house since 2008 in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

BRICK HOUSE Presents Weekly

Wednesdays DJ Garik Tairov 6:00-8:00p <<~~New Time***
DJ Garik spins Old School, R&B, and Disco
from the Rooftop Patio. Great Jams!!

Thursdays DJ Rakim Zarco 6:30-8:30p 
DJ RakStar brings us Deep Soulful House
Come feel the groove. Rak knows House

Fridays 9p-Late DJ Sixes Jonesford <<~~New Time***
DJ Sixes touches on most genres, most nights
R&B, Neo, Soul, Jazz, Reggae & a little Rock & Roll

Saturdays 1a-Breakfast DJ Aria Horan
Funk Goddess DJ Aria DEEP nights Sat, spinning
Funk and More Funk

Saturdays DJ Flashback 11a-1p
DJ Flashback aka Khitten Kurka 
Set it Off Saturdays with Old School, R&B Classics
Funk and More!

Saturdays DJ Marina Charmann 3p-5p
DJ Marina Live from Germany doin'
that Funky thing she does!

Saturdays DJ EekaDread Galaxy 9:15-Late
DJ EekaDread spins Reggae, Funk, Old School
and I swear I heard a song about horses!
Always a blast

Sundays DJ Rosa Alekseev 12-2p
DJ Rosa Live from Brazil, spinning Latin, Brazilian
and Reggae by the pool. 

Sundays DJ Jahman Blessed 2-4p
DJ Jahman spins Old School, Funk, Disco, 
& Classic R&B by the pool, live from Brazil.
This is one, cool dude

Brick House for the Funk and Soul!
24/7 stream :

Submitted by Sixes Jonesford of Brick House for THE A LIST! blog.
Posted by RAFTWET Jewell

mr widget party at muzik haus

mr widget party at muzik haus, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mr widget at muzik haus

mr widget in second life

muzik haus friday early morning party

muzik haus

mr widget party

fri early morn

depending on your time zone

for me

pst slt


mr widget, raftwet jewell at muzik haus

widget, rafee at muzik haus

raftwet jewell at muzik haus for mr widget party