Friday, February 12, 2010

eris ashdene popular dj in second life

The party continues as more and more notices go out. After the hard industrial, I wanted to keep that up up up energy! "Live fast, die old" was the chant at Eris' party.

eris ashdene party in second life

Eris Ashdene to the rescue! A fav dj, I always have fun at her party. She spins pure club music, pure fun.

onyx club logo sign

onyx club underwater

onyx club underwater in second life
Tonight she is underground, underwater... lol... at Onyx Club. I am having soooo much fun dancing... woot!

raftwet at eris ashdene party

raftwet jewell at eris ashdene party

nikopol industrial music

nikopol industrial music, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

nikopol dance floor

nikopol industrial party in second life

cyberpunk industry nikopol & international revolution
"Born in sin... come on in..."

nikopol party in second life

nikopol dj booth

DJ Slider Vieria was spinning the hard stuff... industrial music. Darkness fell over the crowd and we were all taken away on an industrial journey at Nikopol.

angelinium parx at nikopol

I saw Angelinium Parx dancing up a storm with a crowd of well over 40 people. Love the tunes, love the build.

nikopol decor in second life

raftwet jewell in second life virtual world

rafee jewell at nikopol in second life

raftwet at nikopol industrial party

The pyramid shape building floated in the sky among beautiful shapes in an ethereal atmosphere of cyberpunk reality. Woot! Soooo fun!

mr widget 4 years in second life

4 freakin' years

4th rezz day

mr widget is here to stay.

muzik haus...

me so glad.

really i am.

mr widget 4th rezz day