Friday, July 31, 2009

brick house party

brick house party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

I worked on a ton of The A List! promo stuff this late afternoon... missed everyone's party. Whaaaaa!

dj nisa constantine

So, when I finished the last folder and notecard, I took a well-deserved break. DJ Nisa Constantine was spinning a cool set of soul, rhythm and blues tunes over at Brick House.

sixes jonesford at brick house

Sixes Jonesford of Brick House in the virtual world of Second Life

Humming along & dancing, a packed group circled around the dance floor having a blast to the tunes. Brick House was rawking a soulful set for us! Thank you Sixes Jonesford for an awesome time.

rafee at brick house

sixes jonesford

fashion patrons

fashion patrons, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

second life fashion show

raftwet, xavier at the moda it...

Anna and Edika invited Xavier and I (mizz Rafee) to the Moda Italia and Koko Fashion Couture show.

friends of moda italia

old world paintings

Beautiful gowns and casual wear were featured at the ISIDE mall. Spring colors of pink, yellow, and baby blues highlighted many of the gowns.

friends of iside sim

Rezz time was difficult as attendance to this show was great. I noticed many models, fashion houses and designers at the show along with many promoters and advertisers.


A beautiful way to start our weekend of fun and parties! Thank you ISIDE sim, Versace, Moda Italia and Koko Fashion Couture! (Now let's go shopping... muaaah!)

rafee, xavi at iside sim

Thursday, July 30, 2009

pink cotton candy gown

pink cotton candy gown, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



Opium Fashion Agency Present Opium Tales #2 - Willy Wonka. Showcasing the designs of Earth & Sky, Bliss Couture, and SF Designs in a fun fantasy filled way.

willie wonka chocolate candy b...

Dream Honey, Manager

Anastacia Markova Productions

OomPoppaMowMow Snookums & Mallory Luke, Owner of Opium Fashion Agency


xavier, raftwet at opium fashi...

mackenzie, dj & photographer

mackenzie, dj & photographer, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dj mackenzie party

OMG!!!! Mack is a dj and the dj is my best best gf! Woot! You go grrrrrl!

mackenzie at the amp

rafee, xavi at the milky way c...

Xavier and I stopped off to hang with Mackenzie while she did her set at IPR365's Milky Way sim at the club called The Amp.

the amp under the milky way

the milky way


Woot! We had fun! DJ Ice Tracer was hanging with us... another Mack peep! LOL! FUN FUN FUN!

dj ice tracer