Sunday, August 23, 2009

brick house virtual world second life

My baby! He won't rezz for me... this new viewer is killing me!

brick house nisa constantine

nisa constantine at brick hous...

We went over to Brick House to catch dj HarleyMC Homewood spin an awesome mash of of West African beats and other world tunes that just kept me hopping, popping and dancing like a maniac! LOL!

friends of brick house

So fun here at this top-of the-roof club. I always have a blast hanging here... say hi to Nisa Constantine, another awesome dj for this club! Come check it out.

scoutlounge party virtual world second life

We had a quick dinner together, and then we headed out for a late party over at Scoutlounge. DJ Lionel Setsuko was spinning a great house set.

dj lionel Setsuko at Scoutloun...

friends of scoutlounge

Scoutlounge is a beautiful beach club that has awesome house dj's on a regular basis. You can always catch a good party there.

scoutlounge party people

Thanks to hostess Catarina Betsen and Ramski Nexen for the dance hud! Wheee, we had fun! Woot!

rafee at scoutlounge