Friday, January 8, 2010

infinite art gallery opening in second life

A new art gallery has opened at the Belleair Island sim. Infinite Art Gallery is presented by Cate Infinity. Tonight, on the rooftop of the gallery, a grand opening featuring artful music reflecting the avant garde art inside.

pan tripsa at infinite art gallery opening

pan tripsa at infinite art gallery

Pan Tripsa started the party with his signature dark psy. His musical art soared through the sky lending an ominous air to the dark art in the gallery.

moshang zhao ambient music

moshang zhao at infinite art gallery

MoShang Zhao was next with his ambient music capping the surreal evening with his electronic weaving of sounds.

raftwet, xavier at infinite art gallery

raftwet, xavier in second life

Big thanks to Cate Infinity for bringing this beautiful gallery to the grid. Art is alive! Go experience it puppies! Woot!

art in second life

infinite art gallery art work