Friday, June 12, 2009

nostrum forder at organica

nostrum forder at organica, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

party at organica

I stopped off to say hi to the Happy Clam Island citizens. DJ Nostrum Forder was spinning a set.

flower at organica

Organica is always a psy Friday... catch the sounds and colors here.

rafee at organica

Colors were swirling, music was mesmerizing... nice Friday start!

mr widget party at muzik haus

rafee at mr widget party

I'm at Muzik Haus... mmmmmmmm.

mr widget party

I listened to all kinds of music today... from hardstyle trance to Americana and everything in between. The perfect topping for this day would be the mashup king... for a Mr Widget set.

fans of mr widget

Ahhhh, so nice... with so much variety and spice. Sweet.

muzik haus party