Saturday, January 2, 2010

tone uriza at the majestic

tone uriza at the majestic, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

live music artist tone uriza

the majestic in virtual world second life

tone uriza fans at the majestic

I do admit that I am a rather proud California resident. The west coast is where Linden Labs was born and the magical idea of Second Life.

the majestic bar area

the majestic bar area in second life

California has the beauty and ruggedness of Northern California and the glitz and gorgeous weather of Southern California.

the majestic live music in second life

the majestic decor

Today, on the grid, we are at San Diego's The Majestic for live streaming music from Tucson, AZ featuring Mighty Joe Milsap & Fremonts courtesy of blues man Tone Uriza.

san diego mission in second life

san diego historic missions in second life

san diego city featuring scenic drive

Right next door to The Majestic is a small chapel replica of San Diego's original missions on the scenic drive.

xavier, raftwet at the majestic

raftwet, xavier in second life

xavier, raftwet at the majestic in second life

Makes me feel right at home... in California... a place I love.

seba sideways jazz saxophone

seba sideways jazz saxophone, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

seba sideways at obsessions jazz ballroom

seba sideways in virtual second life

Ahhhh... the mournful wail of the saxophone soaring through the Obsessions Jazz Ball Room sounded the celebration for the 1st Anniversary of this beautiful room.

happy 1st anniversary to obsessions jazz ballroom

seba sideways concert at obsessions ballroom

Seba Sideways from Argentina, was playing his signature jazz saxophone. His music will make you fly into the clouds.

seba sideways fans at obsession jazz ballroom

seba sideways jazz saxophone fans

In celebration, the ballroom was filled with Seba's fans in beautiful ball gowns of every color and shape. I saw every great designer's creations in this room!

raftwet, xavier from the a list! for seba sideways concert

raftwet, xavier at seba sideways concert

raftwet xavier at obsessions jazz ballroom

Thank you Seba for your beautiful jazz saxophone music and congratulations to Obssesions Jazz Ballroom for providing this place for live music.

pan tripsa in second life

pan tripsa in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

pan tripsa dark psy mix party

pan tripsa mixing experimental, dark psy

An artist is many things. From fine art to music to performance to creation, the arts are alive in Second Life.

dj veronika, dj pan in booth at trap home port

veronika, pan dark psy

Pan Tripsa is all art. His avatar, his mixology of sounds, his creations in building and clothes design, Pan does it all.

pan tripsa party virtual world second life

pan tripsa party in second life

trap home port cave for dark psy

Today, we are at the Trap Home Port cave listening to his musical genius in dark psy. Artists such as Pan are a pleasure to listen to because they are true to their art... true to their passion.

xavier, raftwet at pan tripsa party

xavier, raftwet, zasabi at pan tripsa party

xavier, raftwet, zasabi at trap home port

And, it's freakin' art people! Listen! Woot!

angad tizzy of choon lounge

angad tizzy of choon lounge, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

angad tizzy in busy mode at choon lounge

choon lounge party in second life

Happy New Year 2010 to everyone on the grid. I am celebrating with music... and I mean all kinds of music!

choon lounge virtual world second life

choon lounge logo in second life

Choon Lounge is a beautiful club with a nod to house, techno and even tribal tunes. Tonight, dj Jhonatan Vyper is spinning.

jhonatan vyper at choon lounge

jhyonatan vyper party at choon lounge

I see owner Angad Tizzy in busy mode as usual... ahhh, club owners work very hard to bring the tunes to us so that we can party!

raftwet at choon lounge

raftwet at choon lounge party in second life

Thanks to all the music makers! It's one big continuous party from now, Jan 1st to Dec 31st... only in Second Life! Woot!